Monday, September 12, 2011

Vending Machines...The Future Of Shopping?

Several weeks ago I wrote about the baguette vending machines in Paris (here)...
In NYC this week you can get a different kind of baguette from a vending machine, as in diamond!
Hudson Hotel, in honour of New York's Fashion Week, has installed a vending machine in their lobby of some of the "must- have" luxuries for this season....including a diamond bracelet from Ruby Kobo, a rabbit fur jacket from Jolibe, python clutch from SANG A, and handmade wool ties from Public School.

How about you, would you buy a high ticket item like this from a vending machine? I would assume that in no time I will be seeing them all over Las Vegas, they would fit right in!

Happy Monday, have you got your groove on for the week? I am still looking for mine....
I can see it, but need to get there!


via Design TAXI


  1. Now that is some vending machine. Don't know that I'd have the change available to purchase anything :)

  2. What a concept! I have to touch, see, feel and try on before I buy anything so this would not work for me. It makes you wonder though....

  3. This is pretty cool, Nathalie! I've spent time at the Hudson, so I know it fits right into the hip vibe there. Hope you're having a good week! xo

  4. Dearest Nathalie,

    From High Heeled Life I got here and admired your sewing talents! What a lovely baby gifts you produce and other luxury items.
    Following you now on both, FB Page and Blog.
    Feel free to visit my FB Page and Blog as well.
    Love to you,


  5. Like Ingrid, I can't imagine buying jewelry without getting to feel it and try it on first! What a concept!


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