Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Grand Time Was Had...

Bright's Grove, Ontario

I'm back!
What a week, being on the lake where I spent my summers as a child, enjoying family that I haven't seen in far too long... 
I had sketchy and limited internet, which at first was a cause for panic...but then I let it go (no choice!), and enjoyed the break. My boys are accustomed to everything being "new", living here in Las Vegas, so staying at such an "old fashioned" cottage was a learning experience for them...

My lovely Grandmother Eleanor, who turned 90...
We were so blessed to be able to be with her and spend time with this special woman who has brought so much love and joy into our lives!

And now I have returned to piles of school work, sewing, and emails...
but it was worth every minute!

I hope September is coming to a graceful close for you, and that October is looming full of promise...

Have a wonderful weekend,
xo, Nathalie


  1. Nathalie, so glad you're back and that it was such a successful trip! I've gotten very interested in finding out more about my ancestors. Harder to do now that everyone old enough to tell stories about them are gone. Hope you are able to glean as many of your grandmother's stories from her while you have her! They are PRICELESS!!! And if not written down, too soon disappear. Welcome home.
    xoxo~ Kirsten

  2. Dear Nathalie,
    I'm so glad your trip worked out. You clearly deserved the break and time spent with ones we love is always worthwhile. Best wishes for a happy weekend!

  3. Welcome back Nathalie! Sounds like you've had a great time -I am very happy for you
    Your grandma looks amazing for 90!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Claudia xo

  4. Welcome back my friend! Sounds like a wonderful visit and to celebrate your grandmother's 90th birthday priceless! and how wonderful for your son's to be able to sit and listen to their great-grandmother and learn what life was like in her time, first hand!! truly a gift for them. Many blessings, xo HHL

  5. You're grandmother looks like such a wonderful woman, when I look at that picture I feel like I know her. It's the weirdest thing. I'm so happy you all got a break and that your boys experienced a bit of life in the retro lane! That's an interestering observation about life in Las Vegas. Happy birthday to the woman who has brought so much love and joy to your lives!


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