Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Colour Inspirations by Aaron Ruell

I came across photographer Aaron Ruell's work on Trendhunter,
and  fell head over heels with these shots... 

The photography, the styling, the models, the clothes...
The Rooms!

The bright, popping colours...

I am dying to know where this is...I am thinking it must be one of Kelly Wearstler's hotels in LA...
If I am incorrect, please do tell! Would love to go...

And feel pampered in a luxurious rainbow of delight

How about you, could you live, day to day, in colour like this?

I can't wait for the bright bolts of Nature's colours with the season changing this month ~ I have a trip back East to Canada for my Grandmother's 90th birthday at the end of the month, and am returning to Zion in October, as I heard the Fall colours are not to be missed there. It actually cooled down to 90 here yesterday, and there was a touch of crispness in the air in the evening...I am SO ready!

To see more of Aaron Ruell's work, visit his site here,
and if you know where this stunning location is, let us know!

Have a great week,

photos via trendhunter


  1. It is uber-cool wherever it is. Speaking of "cool", the weather changed over the weekend and there was a definite chill in the air this morning. I hope you still have some sweaters in your closet somewhere, because you'll need them when you come up this way.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! The weather is changing here and the crispness of autumn is already upon us. Oh your grandmother must have some amazing stories of things she has seen/experienced in her life... your visit here will certainly require some warm clothing...xo HHL

  3. Still warm here in the PNW but I know it will be changing soon. We had such a short summer, I'm not ready to let it go so enjoying every second of our warmth and end-of-summer days! Gorgeous colors in these shots. Can't wait to see photos and posts from your upcoming travels. Keep us up on where you are!


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