Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Days

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The summer days are getting shorter, and fall is near...
I hope you take advantage and languish and relax over the weekend!

Divine, no?!

I came across these beauties by Ofira Schwartz on Marchesa's Facebook Page...

A truly unique bauble that I would love!

Tree of Life in Fuschia by The Home Centric

If you are looking for some knockout pillows to spruce up a room, The Home Centric is FULL of stunning pillow covers in all colours and designs.

Make the most of your days!
I am full of gratitude for so many things in my life right now,
all of you fabulous readers being one of them ~


ofira schwartz photos via marchesa


  1. Indeed, the rings are fabulous! I'm searching for pillows for me bedroom.. I'll be certain to check out The Home Centric! Thank you for the recommendation.

    xoxo, B

  2. The days are getting shorter... I'm not ready to give up summer. Hope you are enjoying a happy weekend.

  3. the top image, it's so elegant and timeless...
    Have a great week dear Nathalie

    Claudia xo

  4. love that tree of life cushion!!! isn't it amazing how autumn truly is just around the corner? i'm still wondering when summer is going to come! but i guess this is it!

  5. We've barely had a summer here so I'm definitely not ready to give it up but I can feel it starting in the air. And I'm not much of a jewelry-gal but I LOVE that pillow! Hope you've had one divine summer!
    xoxo~ Kirsten


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