Monday, August 22, 2011


dress form- hand cut silhouette papercut

I always have been enamored with silhouettes, and fell head over heels in love with Tina Tarnoff's work at first glance...

being isadora - hand cut silhouette papercut

Her work is simply stunning!

autumn kiss choker

She also does very unique and beautiful jewelry...

marie antoinette - hand cut silhouette papercut

I adore toile and of course Marie...

words of wisdom

via Tina's shop profile:
"Here is a brief description of my work: I draw and hand cut each image from a single sheet of paper, then display it on beautiful, handmade Indian cotton rag paper. I sign and date each piece, then mount it on a sturdy 11”x14” black mat. The finished artwork is then placed in an archival cellophane sleeve or inside a black wood frame with a glass front. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a description of the art form.

Making a papercut requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. I like the female shape and I like the sense of movement, and I use that a lot in my papercut art. I think what attracts me to papercut is very much the sense of building something, a sense of sculpting, the clean cut aspect of it and the immediate result. Making papercut art feels natural to me. I have good control of my hand and the paper, and have a clear vision of what the image or shape should be. I'm rarely disappointed with the final result. It's truly magic. I think that the most important thing I'm trying to achieve in my creations is the sense of freedom. The sense of a free spirit, of movement, of passion for life, nature and for ones art. "

Tina has a very inspiring blog, "Thought Patterns"
Her Etsy Shop, "Tina Tarnoff"
and  her website, which shows a gallery of her paintings and drawings

Happy Monday, what a great start to the week with such wonderfully inspiring art!


all pictures and short bio via tina tarnoff


  1. This is lovely work - charming and accessible. Thanks for sharing this Nathalie. You find the most inspiring people!

  2. These are fun. Always been intrigued by paper cut silouettes. Hans Christian Anderson used to do these beautifully. Hope the desert nights are cool there, Nathalie. Still over 100 here. I don't think it will ever end.

  3. Just lovely, Nathalie. Hope you're having a good week. xo


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