Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember the Cranes?

Remember my project that I did with my son's school, having the kids fold origami cranes to help the children of Japan? I came across this in the NY Times...
Brazilian artist Vic Muniz used some of the 2 million cranes collected by the Bezos Family Foundation ( similar project that raised over $400,000 to help Japan)
and he made a mosaic from them, to be used to create a fundraiser poster.

Seemingly simple, they actually were a bit difficult at first...I have a whole new respect for origami!

Reading about Vic Muniz, and how he uses dirt, diamonds, sugar, string, chocolate syrup and garbage to create large mosaics made me curious, so I did a little virtual tour ~

Here is Mona Lisa in peanut butter and jelly....who would have ever thought!?
To see more on Vic Muniz's art, visit his website here.

Happy Wednesday,

photos via ny times,


  1. I saw the article in the NY Times too and marvelled at how fab it is.

  2. Mona Lisa in PB&J?!! Hasn't that poor woman suffered enough?! Hahahaha.


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