Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Adventure

Here it is Monday...I hope that all of the East Coasters out there survived Irene without harm!
Here are my 3 kids...
today is the first day of school, and the beginning of a brave and daring adventure. For I am going to be spending alot of time with them...
For a list of reasons not worth going into ~ 
( one of which is the sad fact that Las Vegas ranks #49 for schools)
Today is the day I throw caution to the air, and start "Virtual Schooling" them from home. I am sure that there will be highs, and there will be lows...and I will need to practice my breathing exercises...
Wish me luck!

And I wish you a wonderful week!



  1. Wishing you the best! I'm sure you will enjoy spending more time with your kids and they will enjoy spending more time with you too.

  2. Oh how blessed your boys are that you are taking hold of their education - they may not realize it yet, you are a truly incredible human (to them you are mom ~ right now). Wishing you a great start!!! Can't wait to read about furbaby and how he gets on with his classes ..;0.. xo HHL

  3. What a brave task! Should be interesting to hear about and look forward to future posts from this blogging teacher maman! Keep us posted!
    Hoping all is well in your world!

  4. Bravo to you Nathalie. Not a easy job but well worth all your hard work because it's for your dear boys (who are so adorable). What shocked me so much when we moved to Henderson was the graduation rate was incredibly low. Matt did well @ Foothill H.S., but it was the music program that really grounded him and took his life to another exciting level. I hope the boys brought you an apple yesterday? I agree with Ms. K, I hope you share with us how it goes? Big hug to you,
    x Deb

  5. It is Day 2 of your new adventure. How did your first day work out? I'll bet your youngest with the gorgeous red hair and the floppy ears is wagging his/her tail.

  6. oh Nathalie you are one brave girl, I take my hat off to you.
    Enjoy the experience, I can't wait to hear more...and'll probably need to master some breathing exercises...he he...!!!

  7. Gosh Nathalie, you brave mother. Not sure if I could home school my kids. i think it's great that you're taking this one and i hope your first week has been good - Jane

  8. Wishing you all the best, Nathalie. I admire you for undertaking this job and think you'll be great at it! Enjoy your holiday weekend. xo


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