Monday, August 1, 2011

Instagram Brilliance

I am in complete envy of those with an i phone, for the simple reason that they are able to use the instagram app and take the most amazing photos...I have no idea why my Blackberry cannot come up with something similar! And now I have more instagram envy...Social Print Studio has come up with "Printstagram"
For between $10 and $50, you can have your photos made into all kinds of fun keepsakes,
like the "mini-book" that holds up to 50 photos...

For $10 you can have stickers made...

And how fun to have a poster made of your shots from a trip or party?

This is brilliant, just brilliant, and to all of you out there with an i phone, I just have to say one thing...
I envy you!
Let me know if you end up ordering something, and how it turns out...
(just to rub salt in the wound )

Happy Monday, and have a great week!

xo, Nathalie

via Design Taxi


  1. OH! NOW ISN't THIS AMAZING??? I have an iphone and was not even aware of this app! I am just barely trying to figure out some other techy things!

    Natalie dearest, thank you for coming to visit today! Here in Minneapolis, we have had a HORRIBLE DELUGE of rain....better now, but it was dark and pouring oceans of water! HAPPY AUGUST 1!!!!


  2. Hai Dear

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  3. Hi Nathalie,
    Thanks for this tip... I am a newbie iphone user and will have to check out this app.

  4. WOW!! Now that may reason to put an iphone on my wish list ... thanks for always finding (and sharing) some creative ideas. Wishing you a fabulous week..xo HHL

    P.S. I'm certain the package will arrive this week ... may have to plan another trip to see them .. :) ... Matthew is truly a blessing and priceless .... xo


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