Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Oui oui! Hot and crusty baguettes dispensed from a vending machine?

In Paris, baker Jean-Louis Hecht  has come up with this 24 hour vending machine...

It appears that it is VERY successful, dispensing 4,500 baguettes in the month of July...
I hope it starts a new trend, that will come very soon to a location near moi!

Happy Wednesday to you all,

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  1. WOW ! this would be absolutely devine!!! perhaps the inpsiration was bakers needing to coordinate vacation bakery closures -so that a neighbourhood is never without access to fresh bread... Norh America we have chip vending machines - France .. baguettes...Oh La La... hope all is well.. XO HHL

  2. oh wow Nathalie, I'd love to have one of those near me!.. What a great idea
    Hope you are having a great day

    Claudia xo

  3. Crazy! I bet that must be a big hit on Sunday when everything shuts down in Paris.

  4. I'd eat all 4,5000 baguettes just myself in one month!! Put in a college town with an adjoining cheese machine and you're a millionaire! So crazy fun! Nathalie, if you get a minute, I lost your mailing address. Do you mind emailing it to me THANKS!! I hope you all are enjoying the last hot days of summer.
    xo xo Deb

  5. This is amazing! Great idea! I just saw a type of vending machine by Best Buy and they sell iPods and other small electronics in it!


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