Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Adventure

Here it is Monday...I hope that all of the East Coasters out there survived Irene without harm!
Here are my 3 kids...
today is the first day of school, and the beginning of a brave and daring adventure. For I am going to be spending alot of time with them...
For a list of reasons not worth going into ~ 
( one of which is the sad fact that Las Vegas ranks #49 for schools)
Today is the day I throw caution to the air, and start "Virtual Schooling" them from home. I am sure that there will be highs, and there will be lows...and I will need to practice my breathing exercises...
Wish me luck!

And I wish you a wonderful week!


Friday, August 26, 2011

The Last Summer Weekend

photo by zuppaartista

I would imagine that this is what the beach in Santa Monica, my old back yard, looks like this weekend...and how I wish I were there! I know LA is having a heat wave too, but our 112-114 temps here in Las Vegas are challenging right now. AC,AC,AC, and a dip in the pool. I can't complain, we are not dealing with earthquakes, tornado watches, or hurricanes.
It is the last weekend of summer vacation, it seemed to fly by...
Back to the books and schedules on Monday ~

I plan on enjoying every last non-scheduled minute!

I hope you enjoy yours too! What kind of weather challenges are you facing?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember the Cranes?

Remember my project that I did with my son's school, having the kids fold origami cranes to help the children of Japan? I came across this in the NY Times...
Brazilian artist Vic Muniz used some of the 2 million cranes collected by the Bezos Family Foundation ( similar project that raised over $400,000 to help Japan)
and he made a mosaic from them, to be used to create a fundraiser poster.

Seemingly simple, they actually were a bit difficult at first...I have a whole new respect for origami!

Reading about Vic Muniz, and how he uses dirt, diamonds, sugar, string, chocolate syrup and garbage to create large mosaics made me curious, so I did a little virtual tour ~

Here is Mona Lisa in peanut butter and jelly....who would have ever thought!?
To see more on Vic Muniz's art, visit his website here.

Happy Wednesday,

photos via ny times,

Monday, August 22, 2011


dress form- hand cut silhouette papercut

I always have been enamored with silhouettes, and fell head over heels in love with Tina Tarnoff's work at first glance...

being isadora - hand cut silhouette papercut

Her work is simply stunning!

autumn kiss choker

She also does very unique and beautiful jewelry...

marie antoinette - hand cut silhouette papercut

I adore toile and of course Marie...

words of wisdom

via Tina's shop profile:
"Here is a brief description of my work: I draw and hand cut each image from a single sheet of paper, then display it on beautiful, handmade Indian cotton rag paper. I sign and date each piece, then mount it on a sturdy 11”x14” black mat. The finished artwork is then placed in an archival cellophane sleeve or inside a black wood frame with a glass front. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a description of the art form.

Making a papercut requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. I like the female shape and I like the sense of movement, and I use that a lot in my papercut art. I think what attracts me to papercut is very much the sense of building something, a sense of sculpting, the clean cut aspect of it and the immediate result. Making papercut art feels natural to me. I have good control of my hand and the paper, and have a clear vision of what the image or shape should be. I'm rarely disappointed with the final result. It's truly magic. I think that the most important thing I'm trying to achieve in my creations is the sense of freedom. The sense of a free spirit, of movement, of passion for life, nature and for ones art. "

Tina has a very inspiring blog, "Thought Patterns"
Her Etsy Shop, "Tina Tarnoff"
and  her website, which shows a gallery of her paintings and drawings

Happy Monday, what a great start to the week with such wonderfully inspiring art!


all pictures and short bio via tina tarnoff

Friday, August 19, 2011


photo by jonathan kingston

Seeing this stunning photo by photographer Jonathan Kingston  makes me feel so peaceful! There is much transition and change in the air, the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year for many of us...
I never really thought of elephants swimming ~ His other photos are beautiful too!
I wish you a peaceful weekend,

xo, Nathalie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Oui oui! Hot and crusty baguettes dispensed from a vending machine?

In Paris, baker Jean-Louis Hecht  has come up with this 24 hour vending machine...

It appears that it is VERY successful, dispensing 4,500 baguettes in the month of July...
I hope it starts a new trend, that will come very soon to a location near moi!

Happy Wednesday to you all,

via the next web

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pinning Peridot

We are halfway through August...for those of us with school age children,
that means school is rapidly approaching ~ sigh.
Some August gemstone inspirations to help "shake" the blues...

Any shade of green makes me think of my Grandmother...
it's her favourite colour...

The peridot, sometimes called the poor man's emerald

an exquisite shade...

that can be found in so many places

stunning, so full of life

i would love a sweater made from this

and i would like to live here

or here...

i leave it to lalique for the finishing touch!

Is green one of your colours? I am getting caught up in the web of Pinterest,
I just get lost and so inspired there!
Maybe the clock will stop and I can stay here in August ~

For those of you that have birthdays this month
( my dearest friend Colleen!),
I envy this beautiful gem that is yours...

xo, Nathalie

all images via pinterest

Friday, August 12, 2011

Paris Trash

60,000 CD's create this undulating landscape at Cent Quatre in Paris
called "Waste Landscape"

It is the work of Elise Morin and Clemence Eliard

They have all been hand sewn together! Take a look at the short video on You Tube...

I have been busy shopping...
(fall clothes for my growing boys, not for me...sigh)
And haven't had any computer time all week!

I also had to deal with a sewing machine that broke down, and then a new one that had a
malfunctioning part....grrrr....

Take me away to Paris, so I can walk on the CD landscape  ~  What an amazing backdrop for a fashion shoot, I hope someone is taking advantage of it!

Have a fabulous weekend,

photos via the contemporist and pinterest

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Days

via pinterest

The summer days are getting shorter, and fall is near...
I hope you take advantage and languish and relax over the weekend!

Divine, no?!

I came across these beauties by Ofira Schwartz on Marchesa's Facebook Page...

A truly unique bauble that I would love!

Tree of Life in Fuschia by The Home Centric

If you are looking for some knockout pillows to spruce up a room, The Home Centric is FULL of stunning pillow covers in all colours and designs.

Make the most of your days!
I am full of gratitude for so many things in my life right now,
all of you fabulous readers being one of them ~


ofira schwartz photos via marchesa

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings

artist genevieve gauckler for colette

Like all of us I can get lost in cyberland, and am constanly amazed at the creativity and inspiring works that are out there in the world ~ Aren't we so lucky to get lost in our own homes in other worlds? Where did people's minds visit back in the day, in the middle of a prairie with the closest person hundreds of miles away? Did they stare at the clouds and get lost?
Anyway, here are some of my meanderings that I thought I would pass on!

These carte postale by french artiste Genevieve Gauckler for the famous shop Colette leave tradition behind...

I shall have to get one for my postcard collection!

At "They Draw and Cook", you can either submit your own art recipe, or admire the works of others from around the globe

I believe thay are available to order on canvas if you are looking for some kitchen decor.

I came across this lovely on Pinterest, and have put it high up on my "To Do" list...
Love it!

Speaking of "To Do", purging some of my magazines is on the list...
"The Hockenheimer" designed by Sut Kutusu is a fabulous idea!
via California Home and Design

The lovely Anne of Annechovie has come up with a brilliant and unique gift idea, custom personalized matches ~ I  just love these two shades together!

Sugar Ray Robinson, 1950's, as seen on Pinterest...
Couldn't resist!

As seen on Pinterest...

So Simple...

Have a Happy Day!

Maybe I should take a break and see what the clouds are doing...

xo, Nathalie

Monday, August 1, 2011

Instagram Brilliance

I am in complete envy of those with an i phone, for the simple reason that they are able to use the instagram app and take the most amazing photos...I have no idea why my Blackberry cannot come up with something similar! And now I have more instagram envy...Social Print Studio has come up with "Printstagram"
For between $10 and $50, you can have your photos made into all kinds of fun keepsakes,
like the "mini-book" that holds up to 50 photos...

For $10 you can have stickers made...

And how fun to have a poster made of your shots from a trip or party?

This is brilliant, just brilliant, and to all of you out there with an i phone, I just have to say one thing...
I envy you!
Let me know if you end up ordering something, and how it turns out...
(just to rub salt in the wound )

Happy Monday, and have a great week!

xo, Nathalie

via Design Taxi