Monday, July 25, 2011

When It's Hot...

strawberry, peach and vodka popsicles

Baby it's hot outside...
and when it's hot, nothing cools me down like a refreshing popsicle ~

key lime popsicle

These popsicles are so decadent!

honeydew, cucmber, margarita popsicles

I want to make each and every one of them...

cocnut cream popsicles

Right Now!

cherry apple whiskey sour popsicles

Do you prefer a popsicle over ice cream?

peaches and cream popsicle

Let me know if you have any great recipes!

blackberry prosecco popsicles

The new "adult" popsicles would be wonderful poolside...

strawberry shortcake popsicles

The links will take you to the recipes...mmmm!

zoku quick pop maker

When I was in Aspen at the Food and Wine Festival last year, they were heavily promoting the Zoku quick pop maker, that will make ice pops in under 7 minutes, without electricity...I had wanted to get one then, but didn't want to lug it home...After seeing these incredible recipes, the time is now!

Which one looks the best to you?

Have a refreshing week ahead,



  1. Oh Natalie, YOU are so kind to come and leave kind words on my post! THEN I COME HERE AND FIND REFRESHMENT of another sort.....I NEED THOSE PEACHES AND CREAM POPSICLES!!!! AND yes, I do prefer popsicles over ice cream in CERTAIN circumstances; ice cream is FAB. But when it is too hot, it is too heavy.BUT POPS can be made out of anything light and fruity...I have to check out the link and that pop maker!

    YOU ARE SO SWEET!!! Have a wonderful day, Anita

  2. Are you kidding? They all look sweet to me!! HOw do I get one of those machines in France; I NEED ONE. REALLY - It's a matter of life and death. To think I've been wasting time pouring store bought orange and mango juice into popsicle containers! YOu MADE MY NIGHT! MY LIFE EVEN. Mmm sweet dreams to me :)

  3. Wow, I might have to have some of those recipes! They look amazing. I much prefer ice cream (tho rarely partake) but for a summer day or as an easy summer entertaining dessert, they might be just the thing. Thanks for sharing. Love your finds!

  4. I definitely prefer a refreshing popsicle in the summer time. But Ice cream in the cold daysss.



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