Friday, July 22, 2011

A Special Showing

Blinded by Desire by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 12x14

In my last post on artists incorporating needle and thread into their work, I made mention of Ingrid Mida, and how much I admire her work. She has shared some of her recent work with me to show ~
I love toile de jouy as much or more than maps!

Emma's Masquerade by Ingrid Mida 2011
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 12x12

La Pouff, by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy

Revolutionary Fashion II by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 10x10

Visit Ingrid's website to some more of her amazing talents  ~ Be sure to look at her Bookworks series, sculptures created out of books, and her Dress sculptures. She is also an  accomplished and talented writer, and her blog, Fashion is My Muse, is a fabulous read!

With the soaring temperatures all over, it is a good time to get immersed in an indoor creative project...
Have a wonderfully inspiring weekend,



  1. Dear Nathalie,
    Thank you so much for featuring my work on Dolce Dreams!! I am indeed honoured to be featured on your beautiful blog. There is something so very magical about toile de jouy.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  2. Hi Nathlie,
    Ingrid's work is incredible. Very beautiful and inspiring!

  3. oh these are so beautiful! now to check your maps...

  4. They are beautiful works Nathalie.....xv


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