Monday, July 18, 2011

Lego a Paris

Access Agency has a very unique pairing working...

Legos in Paris....
                                                                       Pretty entertaining!
Imagine coming across this bridge ~

My son's creation this weekend in support of the US Soccer team in the World Cup...
I thought it was pretty genius, but then I am biased! I have Lego's all over my house...

Just a little cutie to start your week off with an "awwww"!
A dear friend of mine breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs, and this little guy
is from her current litter ~
I am in love with them, and want one badly!

Happy Monday,


access agency via the cool hunter


  1. Wow .. Lego has come a long way!!! Your son's creation is most creative!!! ... Go for the puppy ... furbabies bring so much love and joy ... Happy Monday , xo HHL

  2. There was once a time where Lego was all over my house too. That is quite a creation!
    As for the puppy, he is utterly adorable. I hope you like going for long walks several times a day!!

  3. Aw that puppy is soo adorable! Those Legos in Paris pictures are very interesting!

  4. Those puppies are cute...We had a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog and she was lovely.....xv

  5. Your son's creation is amazing, Nathalie. I have many fond memories of spending hours building legos with my brothers. xo

  6. hahah, these are pretty funny! i love your son's lego imagination! my brother and i used to play with legos a lot. he was a mini professional, and he still loves building things. one day in the future i know i'll be stepping on small lego pieces again (ouch!)


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