Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do You Know Where You're Sewing?

Nick De Ford

I embroider, therefore am always keeping an eye out for stitchery in all shapes and forms, traditional or non traditional....I love maps, and am very attracted to Nick DeFord's embroidery on the World map above... What patience and precision that must have taken!

Inge Jacobsen

Inge Jacobsen stitches over magazine advertisements and covers...beautiful flow and movement here.

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri's work is completely intriguing!

" As long as something creates a reaction it's alive" ~
Maurizio Anzeri

To read more about him, visit Yatzer

map of the united states necklace  by il gatto selvatico

I came across Penelope's work at Il Gatto Selvatico today on Etsy...

map of india

Such wonderful creations from needle and thread! And of course, the marriage of stitches and maps draws me in...

map of italy

She also does custom work ~ I think that these would be conversation pieces any time they were  worn!

And for the Grande Finale, be sure to take a look at my friend
 Ingrid Mida's work, "Revolutionary Fashion Series" which I absolutely adore! Her talent is endless...

On this note I take leave to return to my trusty needle and threads...all of this has got my creative juices flowing, and I am looking at things around me and thinking how to "alter" them ~ I actually just bought an old handerchief from Paris which would be perfect to add something to. If I do, I will share! How do you feel about the embroidery hoop art out there? Not to disregard the workmanship involved, but I am a bit "befuddled" or bored of it...I think it is time to start getting a bit more creative and try something new!


all photos via links above


  1. Wow, what great pieces! I've never been any good at any kind of sewing or embroidery so they all mystify me. Can't wait to see what you do with the Paris handkerchief! Love how the creative mind works and now there's a mystery in me head about what you will do.
    Happy Wednesday to you!

  2. Great artwork really unique!

  3. Oh Nathalie. Sorry it took me so long to find out that you think my work takes the prize.... Funny thing, I've been busy working on two such pieces for a buyer from Oxford, England who liked my Masquerade Series. I would have been happy to send you a photo to include in your post. Thanks so much for the lovely mention. I quite admire all the rest of them!

  4. what an amazing blog you have, I like to return.

  5. Wow this is amazing! Love this idea of mixing two mediums together. It's really thinking outside the box!


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