Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art in The Desert ~ The Logan Residence

" I want a place for my art collection ~ then I want to live there"
Kent Logan

When you have one of the world's top contemporary art collections, that is a pretty big statement...
In Scottsdale, Arizona, Jones Studio took on the task, creating first a private museum, with 4 galleries...and also a residence, for the winter months ~

I have often considered my home a "mini museum"....but nothing like this!

Would you entertain at all in the galleries, or do they sit, lonely, waiting for admirers?

I have always wanted a looooong table like this...hubby at one end, myself at the other ~
hellooo, pass the salt please....

I love the contrast here....

Such a beautiful backdrop for a soak and some relaxation!

Bottom line is what is a home without art...very empty indeed!

I feel as if summer is running away, autumn talk is here, and shortly we will see halloween in the shops (scary!)
Enjoy the sunshine and BBQ's, and have a great week!


photos via the contemporist, last photo via pinterest


  1. I agree! I love art and finished a History of Modern Art course in the spring semester.. loved it! We try to visit art museums as much as possible.
    Wishing you a lovely week! xoxo, B

  2. this place is it!
    Living with art is one of the most rewarding things no doubt :)
    Have a great week Nathalie :)
    Claudia xo

  3. I must admit I find this place a bit cold and empty... It feels more like a museum than a home. But that is what makes the world such an interesting place - everybody is different!
    Hope you had a great weekend Nathalie.

  4. yes art is necessary! gosh Nathalie...are you serious about Halloween items being soon in the shops, that is scary ! (mind you..i'm working on Xmas already..which results funny in that heat)
    Have a lovely week...

  5. Wow, incredible! It would be so lovely to have an art gallery like this!
    Summer does seem to be going quickly. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts too!

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  7. these are great! love that top quote.

  8. So beautiful... I love being surrounded by art... paintings, sculptures, and street art (my version of pretty graffiti, lol).

    Enjoy the summer, sweetie!!

  9. A lovely post ! I live in the desert too and it is just the perfect most inspiring place for an artist to live in.


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