Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fall Feet

ASOS Trident

It is right about this time of summer that I get tired of my cute little sandals and dry heels, and start avidly watching the boots and shoes coming out for Fall...
The colours and styles this year are VERY appealing to me! I am a shoe lover, and have been known to purchase extra luggage in Milan just to fit the shoes accumulated in Italian shopping sprees...
( this was in the day of the lira, not euro)

Cole Haan Mackenzie oxford in fuschia and woodbury

One of my biggest disappointments in life is the arthritis that just appeared in my feet several years ago, making me pay dearly to wear certain shoes and styles... flats have become the norm for me instead of the heels that I lived and ran in for years ~
 I LOVE this colour combo! Did you ever hear of  "woodbury"? I  think that will be my colour for the season, especially paired like this!

Burberry Prosum wedge

You probably would not see me in these... but sometimes wedges work in the comfort zone ~

Alexander Wang metallic loafer

I  would not be in these for more than five minutes...but they are gorgeous!

Proenza Schuler

This colour combo is beautiful too!

Tommy loafer heel

H & M suede boots

Aldo mustard wedge

Cole Haan Lace boot

More woodbury! With fuschia....

How about you, are you ready for summer to end, and shopping for Fall?

I hope your week was great, and that you enjoy the coming weekend,


photos via google, refinery 29

Monday, July 25, 2011

When It's Hot...

strawberry, peach and vodka popsicles

Baby it's hot outside...
and when it's hot, nothing cools me down like a refreshing popsicle ~

key lime popsicle

These popsicles are so decadent!

honeydew, cucmber, margarita popsicles

I want to make each and every one of them...

cocnut cream popsicles

Right Now!

cherry apple whiskey sour popsicles

Do you prefer a popsicle over ice cream?

peaches and cream popsicle

Let me know if you have any great recipes!

blackberry prosecco popsicles

The new "adult" popsicles would be wonderful poolside...

strawberry shortcake popsicles

The links will take you to the recipes...mmmm!

zoku quick pop maker

When I was in Aspen at the Food and Wine Festival last year, they were heavily promoting the Zoku quick pop maker, that will make ice pops in under 7 minutes, without electricity...I had wanted to get one then, but didn't want to lug it home...After seeing these incredible recipes, the time is now!

Which one looks the best to you?

Have a refreshing week ahead,


Friday, July 22, 2011

A Special Showing

Blinded by Desire by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 12x14

In my last post on artists incorporating needle and thread into their work, I made mention of Ingrid Mida, and how much I admire her work. She has shared some of her recent work with me to show ~
I love toile de jouy as much or more than maps!

Emma's Masquerade by Ingrid Mida 2011
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 12x12

La Pouff, by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy

Revolutionary Fashion II by Ingrid Mida 2010
Mixed Media on Toile de Jouy, 10x10

Visit Ingrid's website to some more of her amazing talents  ~ Be sure to look at her Bookworks series, sculptures created out of books, and her Dress sculptures. She is also an  accomplished and talented writer, and her blog, Fashion is My Muse, is a fabulous read!

With the soaring temperatures all over, it is a good time to get immersed in an indoor creative project...
Have a wonderfully inspiring weekend,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do You Know Where You're Sewing?

Nick De Ford

I embroider, therefore am always keeping an eye out for stitchery in all shapes and forms, traditional or non traditional....I love maps, and am very attracted to Nick DeFord's embroidery on the World map above... What patience and precision that must have taken!

Inge Jacobsen

Inge Jacobsen stitches over magazine advertisements and covers...beautiful flow and movement here.

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri's work is completely intriguing!

" As long as something creates a reaction it's alive" ~
Maurizio Anzeri

To read more about him, visit Yatzer

map of the united states necklace  by il gatto selvatico

I came across Penelope's work at Il Gatto Selvatico today on Etsy...

map of india

Such wonderful creations from needle and thread! And of course, the marriage of stitches and maps draws me in...

map of italy

She also does custom work ~ I think that these would be conversation pieces any time they were  worn!

And for the Grande Finale, be sure to take a look at my friend
 Ingrid Mida's work, "Revolutionary Fashion Series" which I absolutely adore! Her talent is endless...

On this note I take leave to return to my trusty needle and threads...all of this has got my creative juices flowing, and I am looking at things around me and thinking how to "alter" them ~ I actually just bought an old handerchief from Paris which would be perfect to add something to. If I do, I will share! How do you feel about the embroidery hoop art out there? Not to disregard the workmanship involved, but I am a bit "befuddled" or bored of it...I think it is time to start getting a bit more creative and try something new!


all photos via links above

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lego a Paris

Access Agency has a very unique pairing working...

Legos in Paris....
                                                                       Pretty entertaining!
Imagine coming across this bridge ~

My son's creation this weekend in support of the US Soccer team in the World Cup...
I thought it was pretty genius, but then I am biased! I have Lego's all over my house...

Just a little cutie to start your week off with an "awwww"!
A dear friend of mine breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs, and this little guy
is from her current litter ~
I am in love with them, and want one badly!

Happy Monday,


access agency via the cool hunter

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vive La France!

moi...all decked out as madame clicquot for a special veuve clicquot tasting at chinois

Happy Bastille Day to all of the francophiles out there! The "Quatorze Juillet" has so many memories for me, from celebrating it in Paris, to celebrating it at work in grand I celebrate online!
Here are some lovely things that caught my eye, and some memories to share...

by Treasure Frey

le chapeau de sandwich by elizabeth ocean

Versailles French Retro Wool Shawl  from Miscellany de Talaru

antique French print of Marie Antoinette, at Miscellany de Talaru

Cafe Baudelaire

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, by Rebecca Plotnick

Menu from the first celebration of Bastille day at Chinois on Main, where I was maitre'd for many many years...the food is a fusion of french and chinese cuisines, so we celebrated Chinese New Year and Bastille Day!

My bosses, Barbara Lazaroff and Wolfgang Puck..
.I absolutely love how these Eiffel Tower centerpieces turned out, from simple paper and ribbon

My mother and I enjoying ourselves... (pre-husband and children here!)

LOVE this tank, "C'est Si Bon" from Neena Creates

So Charming! By Shop Nevertheless

Petite Paperie Shoppe

Paris ce soir!

However you celebrate, do it in grande style!
Have a wonderful weekend,
 AND if you missed my last post, on photographer Jamie Beck, scroll down, so very cool!

xo, Nathalie