Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Next Imelda Marcos?

Hmmm, this really got me...
A five year old that loves heels is not too surprising, I see many a five year old in the stores wanting their moms to buy them Disney princess heels.
But a five year old with over $150,000 in shoes, one of them a pair of custom Louboutins?
With the rest of her wardrobe estimated in the millions...
And the "lucky" ??? girl is...

Suri Cruise

What will she be like at 13, 16, 21, 40?

I am so thankful in this day and age to have least until they come of age where they will start dating...
And then I will be praying  non stop that they have attractions to girls that are at least a little bit normal, whatever that may be. One of the big reasons that I left LA, where every Mommy and Me class was child and Nanny, no Mommy in sight.

OK, I will stop venting ~
Read more about Suri on Refinery 29 here

What do you think...or should I even ask!

Last day of school, hooray!!!

And a very Happy  Gemini Birthday to my Loving Husband ~ we are off to celebrate with chocolate pizza with the boys...


photo via refinery 29


  1. Happy birhday to yor hubby!! Chocolate pizza, if Mr. G. hears that he'll be adding to his list of reasons he must get to Vegas!!

    As for Suri,I'm certain she is not the one paying at the register ...than again she may be shaking my head ... I wish people with so much to give would spend time teachings their children about helpig other children, who don't have one pair of shoes.

    wishing you a fabulous day! xo HHL

  2. seriously i DO NOT get the "thing" with Suri - of course she's cute and all - but all the hype about her, i don't get it - and the whole shoes thing is REDIC! - and she STILL sucks her thumb, ummmm WIERD!

  3. What..what..what..$150,000. in shoes? I must say that I'm perplexed that Katie and Tom, who both grew up in normal households, would think this is acceptable? It's great to give your children many of the 'things' that you never had but this is weird. Why is it now that most parents want their kids to be indulged like they never were? I had this discussion the other night & I looked crazy. This gal has a college student that doesn't feel like he should have to work (including summer) because she had to. I found out the next day from my daughter that her son actually sells pot for his extra cash (other than what mom gives him) at college. ) :
    Well, I hope in that pile of shoes there are at least a dozen or more of TOMS. At least with every pair they buy some needy, shoeless child will get a pair. I know that's unfair & they likely do much for charity, but this kind of indulgence is going to possibly bite them in the bum down the road.
    Oh my this got long...Nathalie have a happy..happy weekend. Summer has begun for your family, whoopeee!! xo xo Deb

  4. This is when I'm glad my girl has no interest in clothes whatsoever..haha! She is 5...and I still pick them out for her, otherwise, she'd be wearing a green shirt, purple pants and blue socks if I sent her to go put something on without choices :)

    I don't need her clothes to be fancy...I like her to be comfortable first...just want them to match...haha!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Interesting how we adults fill voids in our lives...Hope you have a lovely weekend ~ xox Alexandra

  6. Uh...'mistake' is the word that comes to mind. Oh and Happy Birthday to Mr. B!


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