Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Pinning Obsession...

I am obsessed... I'd been reading about Pinterest, even submitted my app for an invite, and signed on...But didn't really have time to get into it, and add my "pin it" tab to my task bar, until last week.
Just LOVE it....
It satisfies so many of my "needs"...
It is VERY organized...
Kind of feels like a shopping spree...
A tad social...
And Inspiring!
Before I used to have folders and pictures saved all over my computer, but then when I wanted to know where they came from, the link was gone, or my scrap of paper with the info thrown out. With Pinterest, you make your own "Board" titles, and add what you want...and they are linked. BRILLIANT!
And, you can see others Boards and Pins to find things that you never would have found on your own, from around the world.
I simply love it!
If you are a "member" of Pinterest, please click my "follow me on pinterest" link on the right, and I will follow you ~ If you need an "Invite to Join", please leave me a comment with your e-mail (spell dot com), and I will send you an invite.
Click on Pinterest's Blog to learn some more about it and get tips...
Here are some finds that are on my boards...

i don't know where this came from...don't forget to give credit when you pin!

Who can't relate to this!

from camillacotton on etsy

Wanting one of these for my garden...

diy galaxy playdough via

custom nesting dolls by belleslettres



paris by darling clementine

Fabulous graphics!

vintage eiffel tower souvenir by contrary

So very cool! A big time WANT for me...

sarah klassen

chloe elise

poppy talk

Great Year!


very miao on flickr

I would love a shower like this...

holi festival, india, via


Why shouldn't the laundry room be pretty?

Here is a you tube tutorial that I found:

It's the weekend, so take a little time to explore!

And have fun! Again, let me know if you need an invite ~

Happy Pinning!

And have a great weekend,



  1. I've been hearing a lot about this lately...hmmm :)

    Love to see what others love....

  2. Now THAT is a great laundry room. So sweet ~ xox Alexandra

  3. Yes pinterest...mmm...can't stay away either :))
    Have a great week Nathalie
    Claudia xo

  4. I've always wondered about Pinterest. It sounds amazing! I think I might have to consider signing up...

  5. hey Nathalie, I just found out about pinterest recently too. I haven't done much with it I'm afraid but hope to! Those NHL playoffs are keeping me up too late at night - are you guys enjoying it too. Too bad about the Boston player injured last night. I hate to see that happen. I'm off to connect with you on pinterest. Have a good week:)

  6. omg I LOVE pinterest too! Thanks so much for the feature here - headed over to take a peek at your boards!


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