Thursday, June 16, 2011

Modern Design...

The clean lines of the Goggle Desk, by Danny Venlet for Babini, with the glossy lacquer and olive wood,
really appeal to me...especially with a Mac laptop and no clutter!

As much as I am attracted to white, I always will buy things in black ~
which do you prefer?

The Paisley chair by Vito Selma...ergonomic, and modelled after a womans' curves...

It does look dreamy indeed ~ I would choose my second colour choice, fuschia...

These chairs designed by Sergey Makhno are fun, for the right space...I do like the room colours here!

More Makhno fun...

A modern upcycling of a tradional piece...
I saw this on Pinterest, and am completely intrigued! I love wine boxes, and have them all over our garage, and here and there ...
( my husband is in the wine business, and I grew up in it). But I have never thought of using them as planters, isn't this a great idea!

Again I will go on about Pinterest...I find so many inspirations there!


photos via the contemporist, the cool hunter, and pinterest


  1. Oh, those are very cool desks...I think I'd go for black too even though I'm attracted to white...!!! :))
    Have a fantastic day
    Claudia xo

  2. I love modern design Nathalie and I love that desk. Now you having me wanting to garden too!!
    Those boxes are so clever. I hope you all are having a great first week of your summer vacation? Sending you best wishes for a good weekend. How can it be Friday already?

    xo xo Deb


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