Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fresh From The Farm...

Last night, we indulged and returned to our new favorite, Due Forni...for more chocolate pizza...mmmm!
We also had the most amazing beet salad ~ I wish I had taken a picture...

Wild arugula, gold and red beets, with a pesto dressing and grated goat cheese...

Every bit as good as the chocolate pizza! When we asked where the beets came from ~ they had such amazing flavor ~
Alex told us that they had somone that brought them all the way from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market to them.
This took me on a huge deja vu. I lived for ten years blocks from this market, and would ride my bike over to shop some of the most amazing produce that comes from the earth. I'd run into all of the chefs from all of the best LA restaurants, because everyone goes there...and return home loaded down with bags, ready to cook.

A couple of blocks from the beach, and jam packed...

This to me is like a candy store! I have never seen red carrots like the ones here, have you?

And the flowers...gorgeous and freshly cut!

We have a few Farmers Markets here, but after the Santa Monica Farmers Market, nothing comes close ( I do love the markets in Italy and France too!)

Do you have a great market near you?

Pesto, arugula, roasted beets and goat cheese...Try it! It was unbelievably delicious ~

Happy weekend,

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  1. Love farmers' markets! Have a great weekend doll. Kori xoxo

  2. I just love your food posts. Given your foodie pedigree, I am always left panting for more...
    One of my favourite markets is in La Jolla. It might not be as big as the Santa Monica market but the produce and the flowers are really fresh and lovely.

  3. Wow, those photos sure make all the vegetables look really tempting, and the flowers are beautiful too.

    I envy you in the US which has such a huge variety of markets and products. Due to the small population in Norway, there's not a market over here for such an abundance of products. We do have markets, though, but they're absolutely nothing compared to the ones I've seen while visiting the US.

    Thanks also for the lovely comment you left on my last blog post. It's really encouraging getting such kind words in a difficult time. :)

  4. Beat salad is the bomb!! I am also huge on red cabbage.

    No *true* markets close to us :(

  5. I wish I did have a market like that near me, about gorgeous produce! xo

  6. Hi Nathalie, I love all farmers markets, love the fresh produce and the gorgeous flowers - by the way the colour of those flowers is just awesome :)
    Hope you are having a good day
    Claudia xo

  7. Hi Nathalie,

    I actually did see red carrots at our little farmer's market here in the Pacific Northwest. I've never been to the one in Santa Monica. We do have a great little one in Portland, Oregon. I've been meaning to do a post on it as I've been cultivating photos of it for years. And of course, I love the two near us in Paris (Grenelle and St. Charles).
    Thanks for these lovely photos. Maybe you should get a really great one going near you!!
    Ciao, Kirsten xoxo


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