Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chocolate Pizza...Mamma Mia!

Okay, so I mentioned the other day that I was going to lunch for my husband's birthday to have the "chocolate pizza" that he has been talking non-stop to our sons about...

Is this not the most insanely decadent dessert ever???
I mean, I have had some serious desserts by some of the most reknowned pastry chefs in  the world, but this...
Takes the prize!
Layers of Vahlrona chocolate and Nutella, topped with vanilla gelato,
strawberries and bits of toffee ~

We were eagerly watching every step of the preparation...

You too can find heaven here, at Due Forni in Las Vegas,
 a spot for the locals far off  "The Strip" ...
well, only a 15 minute drive away.

They offer both neapolitan and roman style pizzas, made in the only pizza ovens of their kind in this country, brought in from Cirigliano Forni ( read more about them here).

The Due Forni Family

The "killer" oven

My sons would have licked the plate had I let them!

Check out more about Due Forni here

We are thoroughly enjoying the beginning of our summer as you see,
I hope you are enjoying yours!

I have a huge job ahead of me, my Mother has been back East emptying my Grandmother's house, and getting her settled in her new "home"...
I came home from my chocolate pizza decadence to 8 HUGE boxes from UPS ~ cedar hope chest that is 200 pounds, and I have no idea what else. With our summer heat there is no stashing it in the garage for another day, it is all in my front entry.

This will be an interesting journey, perhaps I will be sharing. Last summer when all of the china, crystal and silver arrived it brought up alot. But these will be more personal items of hers, that I grew up with when visiting,
I really have to be in  the "right space"...

Have you "inherited" boxes from loved ones? How was it for you...or if that is too loaded a question, don't answer!


due forni pictures from mark mediana images and myself


  1. wow! that looks sooooo good. There's a restaurant here in LA called BJ's and everyone always talks about their "pizookies". I have never tried it before but apparently is's a cookie/brownie the size of a pizza with tons of vanilla ice cream on top. does that sound good or what?!


  2. That pizza looks amazing and that! I had nutella pizza in Rome a few years ago and yes, it was sensational!!! :))

    I haven't inherited any boxes from loved ones yet Nathalie but I know it would not be an easy task. Take all the time you need...will be thinking of you
    Claudia xo

  3. Ah chocolate pizza sounds like heaven to me! I'll have to try and recreate that at home. Might just be the perfect ticket to please all the men on Father's Day!
    Those boxes will be unravel memories for sure. Some of the things I took away from my mom's house got tucked away into basement cupboards to deal with when I was ready. Take your time. And don't get rid of things too quickly. Let it sit with you for a while.
    P.S. I went back and added a couple of photos to that last post. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Hi Nathalie,
    In response - I wish you were right that all the traffic was because I'm so fab, but I'd be the last person to think that would be the case! Hahaha. It's referrer spam - harmless but a nuisance in the blog world right now. You just don't click on your stats that are on your dashboard.
    Chocolate Pizza, yea. I checked out the link. We're pizza crazy around here and those look like good ones.
    Hope you have a great vacation. I just woke up from a nap on my terrace. I'd sleep outside at night if it wasn't for mosquitos.
    I've inherited quite a few, glassware, and linens from Slovakia. And photographs that should be in a museum. Enjoy opening the boxes...and have a hanky ready. Thinking of you.
    Catherine xo

  5. Indeed, the chocolate pizza looks yummy, and the others, well, I could eat a slice right now for breakfast. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

  6. That restaurant and the dessert pizza look amazing. Congrats on receiving all the cool treasures from your grandmother - what a treat!
    Have a wonderful week. xx

  7. Okay ... I just drooled all over my keyboard !
    Love stopping by here ! XO Lisa

  8. Oh that chocolate pizza looks divine! And I bet it was. I still have boxes in my downstairs closet filled with things from my mother's and my grandparent's lives. Saving them for the 'right' day! Or better yet, a little at a time. I've been trying to research a bit about my family history and your post just reminded me that I should really read some of the old family letters to find some clues. Thanks for that! And for your lovely posts.


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