Monday, May 9, 2011

Street Art On A New Level

alexandre farto in italy

Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, a Portugese artist now based in London, is really amping up the look of street art. He actually sculpts and carves into old buildings to create these incredible works. I find them reminiscent of an old fresco in a way. And am blown away at how he can create such depth on such a large scale with the materials that he has to work with.

alexandre farto in london

alexandre farto in london

alexandre farto in moscow

I am completely enthralled with these... I am a sculptor and work with alabaster ( although it has been far too long since I have picked up my chisel and hammer...I have 4 large stones in my little work area in my yard begging to be finished, and this process of him sculpting into an old building is so intriguing! Maybe I should try my hand on the walls of my house ....
or then again...
maybe I just need to admire his work some more!
To see more of his masterpieces, visit his website here.

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Visit their site here.

See one of my pieces on this post ~
And this is another of my favourites I did on this post ~

Have a great week! May is starting off strong!


photos from alexandre farto, via flavorpill


  1. I do wish he would sculpt the buildings in my city! Amazing. And amazing that you sculpt in alabaster! Those stones are waiting for you.

    I received your lovely e-mail and it just made my day. I've been back a few days now and am trying to work out a blogging schedule so that I have more free time and feel less disjointed. Feel the need to set the designated hours 'in stone'. (That was specifically for you!)

    Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.
    Talk with you soon,

    I'm on Twitter now, so I will follow you!

  2. His work is amazing, love it.
    Nathalie I didn't know that you lovely...I'd like to see some of your work, I bet it's amazing :))

  3. Those are stunning Nathalie, thanks for sharing it!!!


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