Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let There Be Light...

crimean pinecone lamp by pavel eekra

A shortage of light is rarely a problem here in the desert....however, today, I could use one of these gorgeous light sources! It is mid May, and 61 degrees today...? I don't mind cooler temps, as I know what is coming...but really, our weather is on a roller coaster ride, up and down and up and down.
How's your weather? Alot of ups and downs where you are too?

ruffled table lamp, zipper 8 lighting

spikey white paper pendant, zipper 8 lighting

anna marie chandelier, revisions

profile candlesticks, revisions

I hope your day is light and lovely,


  1. You have chosen some cool lighting options. It has rained in Toronto for the past 15 days. If I hadn't been to Paris and enjoyed some sunshine, I probably would be feeling grey and blah. For us, 61 degrees would be considered a warm day.

  2. I am amazed by that pine cone light. So unique! Love it!


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