Monday, May 2, 2011

A Floral Maestro

I absolutely love flowers, and seeing artists use them in the most untraditional ways is a feast for the eyes. Meet Andreas Verheijen, Flower Engineer...

The Dutch Master Florist was at Harrods for 15 years before going out on his own...

And such amazing pieces he has done...

These Faberge eggs are stunning...

And these colours...Wow!

For further inspiration visit his website...

I did go to check out the Calypso line....anyone else? I was a bit disappointed with the quality, but then, it is at Target. Photography can be so misleading.

And on a sadder sidenote, if I may ask you to include little Jade in your healing thoughts or prayers. I had a heartbreaking call from her mother this morning, and she is back in the hospital with a toxic reaction to the medications. Angels work wonders........

Wishing you a bright week ahead, bursting with colour!

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  1. These are beautiful photos!!

    Oh sweet Jade ... may the Angels that saw me through going septic, be by your side and see you back to good health and at home with your loving family. In my thoughts and prayers ...xo HHL

  2. Wow Nathalie, this is a real treat for the beautiful, clever and creative, love it!
    Have a fantastic day :))

  3. flower engineer. yes, i love that chair!

    p.s.... sending good thoughts and prayers for jade.

  4. Dear Nathalie,
    I too love flowers. You would love the Alexander McQueen gown that was constructed entirely out of flowers. The Met used it for the exhibition invite....
    I'm so sorry to hear about Jade's setback. Let's hope things improve quickly.
    Best wishes!

  5. Hi Nathalie,
    These are incredible! Imagine the beautiful scent that must accompany each sculpture!


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