Friday, April 8, 2011

Whisk Me Away....

Ah Paris! This is where I would like to be this weekend, at the newly re-opened
 Le Monceau Hotel ( ok I am a little behind, it is at least 6 months old)...
It's my birthday weekend,

and this would just hit the spot!

Perfect Aries decor scheme by Philippe Starck...

Would I want to languish and enjoy room service, or would I be able to ignore the calling of the streets begging to be walked and enjoy old haunts, see new ones...

A lovely bath to soothe tired soles...

Some fabulous macarons to celebrate!
It won't be this weekend, but soon ~

Have a fun weekend wherever you are. Out of the blue we got winter weather back again, completely crazy! I may end up in the snow at Mt. Charleston, who knows.

I thank you for keeping our little friend in your thoughts, so far it seems that her surgery was a success, but she is in much pain. It has been a long week of praying and worrying for our friend and her family.

How is your weather? Typical? Strange? A touch bizarre?

xo, Nathalie

photos via cool hunter


  1. I would love to stay the weekend there and be pampered. So luxurious....ah, to dream.
    It's getting warmer here this weekend, although a little wet. I think I'm going to be donning my gardening wear and raking leaves off the beds from the winter so that the tulips can poke through. Have a lovely birthday.

  2. btw, I noticed one of your sachets in the Etsy Finds email today - way to go!

  3. Hi Nathalie, happy birthday!!! Have a fantastic w/end, hope you get spoilt :))

  4. Happy Birthday weekend from up the Coast!


    P.S. Brrr---Cold here too!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Yes, Paris would be a fabulous way to celebrate .... I can't wait to return there ....

    Thanks for the update on the precious little friend .. I will continue to keep all in my prayers, for a full and positive recovery...

    We are finally getting the warm weather .. on Sunday it is expected to reach 20 degrees ... open toe shoes here we come!! Happy week-end..xo HHL

  6. Dear Nathalie,
    Best wishes for a happy birthday, even if you cannot jet off to Paris.
    I hope all your hopes and dreams come true. Your spirit of generosity is evident in all that you do, especially your posts about angels and cranes. I just received my cupcake cookbook from Georgie. I will bake some cupcakes in your honour. Too bad I can't drop one by for your birthday.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Muchiiiiiiisimas felicidades querida Nathalie from Madrid!!!
    I wish you a fab weekend!!

  8. Wishing you the very best of birthdays, Sweetie! Have a great weekend. xx

  9. Happy b-day Nathalie! Paris waits for all, whenever we can get there, and she never disappoints. Phillipe Stark = love!

  10. Hi Nathalie, what a brilliant idea. Your lavander is so divine my apartment is filled with it's scent. Carla xx

  11. happy happy birthday weekend to you! even though it's a little crazy weather, i hope you're able to get out and enjoy your day just as you wish to. temperatures here totally dropped, but i'm happy to still see sunshine. xoxox

  12. Dear Nathalie,
    I hope it's been a birthday weekend filled with wonder...and a big cake...and fabulous wine and champagne and everything else that makes life festive. You deserve it!
    Getting ready for a big storm here, although the sun is beaming at the moment.
    Happy Happy Birthday, my friend.


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