Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rainbow....

The Plaid Bench collection by Raw-Edges Design Studio for Dilmos Milano ...

The Lastika Chair by Velichko Velikov for Lago...

Stunning colour by Stella Violet

Visit Loretta's blog here to see how she creates these masterpieces!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by fantastic friends and family! I am not much for words as the past three days were immersed in the Karate world, watching my son compete was emotionally draining :), but a great experience. I volunteered, and was working alongside the Elite Judges and Referees from 52 countries... it was really interesting to hear and learn about their world.

I am very happy to be home now , it is a bright and sunny day and I am loving all of the rainbows of colour out my window...and passing some on ~
Have a great week,



  1. Gorgeous photos. They made me smile :).


  2. Thank you for featuring my artwork, Nathalie! I love that colourful furniture, off to check out the link now :)

  3. Beautiful furniture and Loretta's artwork is just beautiful, thanks for sharing. Hope you can take time out to relax now Nathalie, it's always stressful to watch your own child/dren need to look after yourself now - perhaps a facial or a massage?!-
    Have a wonderful day xo


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