Thursday, April 14, 2011


necklace above at bonbi forest

I feel light as a feather today, happy as a clam...
Our little friend Jade, after some HUGE ups and downs...
Is going HOME...
After almost three weeks in the hospital,
Two surgeries ( one was 5 hours long)...

l'ange au sourire in Reims

I thank all angels out there for their thoughts and prayers ~

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Jade will be able to heal at home, the science fair projects are done ( i am not at all a scientific person), the cranes for the children in Japan are folded (not as easy as it sounds!), and we have 10 days off from school after tomorrow, which means the ultimate of luxuries for me,
Sleeping in...
And time to get out and visit and see the posts I've missed!

I hope you too are light as a feather today bearing a smile on your beautiful face ~


  1. That is fabulous news on Jade!!! May the healing Angels keep watch over her and a speedy ahead is what I'm praying for the sweet darling!!! Enjoy your sleep in mornings!!!

  2. Wonderful news Nathalie, I'm so happy for Jade. Hope she'll keep getting better and better :)

    We are on holidays too! Isn't it great? No cut lunches, no running around in the afternoon...for two weeks...heaven! You enjoy your well deserved break too my lovely blog friend :))

  3. thank goodness! let the angels continue to shower you in light!

  4. What wonderful news and a happy prospect for the next 10 days. Enjoy your well-deserved sleeping-in, Nathalie! Have a great wknd. xo

  5. All is well that ends well. Enjoy your break and the warm weather.

  6. Continued blessings for little Jade.

    You sure have been busy. Sleeping in will feel like the best luxury ever.

    I've begun the weekend by knocking a picture off the wall and shattering glass into glass dust all over the rug. I have a feeling I'll be wearing shoes for a year. Not exactly a light as a feather feeling! Hahaha.

    Enjoy your rest,


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