Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calling All Angels...

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Calling all angels...
I need your help ~

please look after Jade, a little girl in my son's class...she will be having brain surgery tomorrow, all very sudden ...

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prayers would be appreciated for her and her family...

thank you so much...



  1. I will definitely say a prayer for her. Wishing her a speedy recovery and lots of warm hugs.

  2. OMGOSH!! may the angels guide the surgeons hands with great skill to achieve the successful outcome they need. Sending thoughts , prayers and hugs to her, her family and to your son and you ~ I'm sure its a difficult time for him to know a friend of his is hurting.

    Many hugs and prayers...xo HHL

  3. Thank you, yes it has been hard for everyone , she is a delightful little girl who has a twin sister still coming to school...
    I am sure with our technology today that she will be come through this, it has all been very sudden, and there was a glimmer of going home yesterday that turned sour in a hurry. I truly believe in the power of prayer and thank you all. I went to see her yesterday and it breaks my heart...

  4. You can count on me Nathalie. I'm a bit late but I know that prayers are always needed in this case. So very sad that this wee girl has to go through such a serious surgery. My mom had brain surgery in the late 90's & only know from that experience how tough it is; can't imagine with a child? Let us know how she is doing if you can? Big hug xo xo Deb

  5. Somehow an angel sent me to let you know that Jade is in my thoughts and prayers. Sweet girl, find comfort and a speedy recovery at home surrounded by love. I have a close friend who had the same surgery. We are all touched by miracles and prayers.


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