Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buona Pasqua!

barbli noel's egg cups available here

Easter is here, and I want to share some of my favourites that I have come across with you!

disappearing chocolate easter bunny card by roberts kath here

So funny ~  I love it !

visit raspberri cupcakes here

Visit Raspberri Cupcakes for a tutorial on how to make these darling bunny macarons... 

knitzy blonde's shop is here

How I wish I had a little cutey to get one of these for!

the most delightful cookies ever here at sugar and flour

Those cotton tails...and you have got to stop in to see the hedgehogs...amazing!

love hearts by paulova here

How delightful to find one or two of these in my basket!

to see more of enduring arts work visit here

Simply beautiful...

Not to rub it in...but we have officially hit poolside temps here in Las Vegas, and my boys and their faithful companion Alba are having a blast. Every year I am reminded of how I love our pool, for many reasons, but number one being the peace and quiet in my house after a good swim. All is calm and relaxed, bedtime is a piece of cake. I certainly need to buy more food, as the appetites soar...
I hope you all have wonderful Easter plans! I will be spending my Easter at Caesars Las Vegas for the weekend, as my eldest son is competing in the Jr. Olympics for karate ( i know I already mentioned this). 4,000 people, 52 countries come here for this, and his Sensei organizes the Event, so it is a big deal. I have mixed feelings...immensely proud, yet the fighting part is a bit intense for me when it is my son.
I will look forward to coming home to lots of chocolate Sunday night!
And if a medal comes home too, well, there will be
a huge celebration!

Happy Easter,


  1. What a delightful article! Thanks so much for featuring my baby bunny hats. Have a happy Easter!


  2. Awe! Thank you so much for featuring my prayer print with these other wonderful finds! The weather looks amazing where you live! I want to come for a visit. Ha, ha! It is quite different here in SD. :)

  3. These are all just tooo adorable!!! Will have to check out a few of them especially the tutorial on how to make the bunny macarons.

    Wishing your son a successful finish!! What a wonderful opportunity.. can't wait to read all about the event.

    As I type this little snowflakes are falling outside here :( ... though they say it its just passing flurries and will not stay... xo HHL

  4. How lovely! Buona Pasqua anche a te dolcissima Nathalie xo

  5. What a great idea!! Love the eggs!

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  6. Great finds! Enjoy that Vegas sunshine this Easter!

  7. happy easter nathalie! so happy to hear y'all are already enjoying the first lick of summer! i remember we lived in southern cali for a couple years when i was a kid. we had a pool there too and i absolutely loved that part of life in that house. xoxox

  8. I love that chocolate bunny card! And the bunny macarons! I hope you have a great Easter weekend!


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