Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Year Gone By...

letterpress card by daily sip

Somehow another year has passed, and apparently I am a year older ~ I really wouldn't mind stopping the clock right about now....
I want to THANK YOU all for the lovely comments and birthday wishes ...It means so much to have all of you fabulous friends from spots all over the world. Even though we haven't shared a glass of wine together, enjoyed a laugh or two, or gone shopping together...somehow through blogging it is possible to connect and develop such wonderful relationships. I am waiting for the day to win the lottery, or I guess, since I am in the right town, cash in big time ( only trouble there is that I don't gamble), so that I can put my travelling shoes on and meet each and every one of you!
Until then, we will make do with the internet ~

How do you like this Transparent chair by Nendo ?

Very hammock -esque...

I had to laugh looking at it though...all I could think was, oh I would never sit in that, I could only imagine the rear view, which would terrify me!
And your thoughts?

I wish you all a great week ahead, I am anxious to crank this one out as my sons have Spring Break next week. We can't go far as my older son is competing in the Jr. Olympics and US Open  for 3 days of it, but I am thinking of visiting the Valley of Fire...it's supposed to be just beautiful...I'll share some snapshots!


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  1. Happy birthday lovely Nathalie! I'm so glad I came across your blog... Congrats to your son! Wow u must be proud!...That chair...don't think I could sit on it either...it would brake! he he! Very futuristic design isn't it? not my cup of tea but I appreciate the idea and respect it :))


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