Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Day Madness

Sunday morning I will be up bright and early, in a mad May Day dash over to Target...
For Calypso St. Barth is coming!
I am not sure if I like the clothing, accessories, or home accents the best...
This could be trouble...

The little dresses are fun and fresh, at unbelievable prices...

This is when I WISH I had a little girl, this embroidered dress is adorable!

Bud vases in stunning vibrant shades, with matching tea lights...

A serving tray that would make a tabletop...

I have been wanting one of these Moroccan poufs for a while...I cannot say no at $59.99!!

Spice up your summer decor ...

I can envision these candle holders glowing...
Somehow I missed the totes and handbags page, but you can pop over here at Target's Lookbook to see the whole collection, all 87 items...

How about you, do you like Calypso's style? Will you be joining me at Target on Sunday? Luckily we have no shortage of Target's here in Las Vegas, I have 3 within a five minute drive ( scary I know). The challenge is that not all of them get the Designer collections, so I may be doing a mad dash here and there! And of course there is always online shopping...

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, it is crazy that May is here already, isn't it?


all photos are from Target's Lookbook

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Perfect Mother's Day Gift...

I had posted previously here about "Wishes," and what a wonderful book that it is ~ with Mother's Day coming up, I would like to mention it again, as it is a perfect gift for your Mother, your Grandmother, your friend...yourself!
I had the pleasure of working for Barbara Lazaroff for almost 20 years, and learned so much from her. She was and continues to be an inspiration to myself and many in her creative outlets and in her charitable contributions.
She is the strongest supporter of "women" that I know...
A fabulous book!
Get it here
or here
Visit the blog here
or on Facebook here
Or on Twitter here

I want to share some INCREDIBLE news....
To all that shared a prayer for our little friend Jade, miracle of miracles, she was back in school today and looks amazing!!!

Thank you


Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rainbow....

The Plaid Bench collection by Raw-Edges Design Studio for Dilmos Milano ...

The Lastika Chair by Velichko Velikov for Lago...

Stunning colour by Stella Violet

Visit Loretta's blog here to see how she creates these masterpieces!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by fantastic friends and family! I am not much for words as the past three days were immersed in the Karate world, watching my son compete was emotionally draining :), but a great experience. I volunteered, and was working alongside the Elite Judges and Referees from 52 countries... it was really interesting to hear and learn about their world.

I am very happy to be home now , it is a bright and sunny day and I am loving all of the rainbows of colour out my window...and passing some on ~
Have a great week,


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buona Pasqua!

barbli noel's egg cups available here

Easter is here, and I want to share some of my favourites that I have come across with you!

disappearing chocolate easter bunny card by roberts kath here

So funny ~  I love it !

visit raspberri cupcakes here

Visit Raspberri Cupcakes for a tutorial on how to make these darling bunny macarons... 

knitzy blonde's shop is here

How I wish I had a little cutey to get one of these for!

the most delightful cookies ever here at sugar and flour

Those cotton tails...and you have got to stop in to see the hedgehogs...amazing!

love hearts by paulova here

How delightful to find one or two of these in my basket!

to see more of enduring arts work visit here

Simply beautiful...

Not to rub it in...but we have officially hit poolside temps here in Las Vegas, and my boys and their faithful companion Alba are having a blast. Every year I am reminded of how I love our pool, for many reasons, but number one being the peace and quiet in my house after a good swim. All is calm and relaxed, bedtime is a piece of cake. I certainly need to buy more food, as the appetites soar...
I hope you all have wonderful Easter plans! I will be spending my Easter at Caesars Las Vegas for the weekend, as my eldest son is competing in the Jr. Olympics for karate ( i know I already mentioned this). 4,000 people, 52 countries come here for this, and his Sensei organizes the Event, so it is a big deal. I have mixed feelings...immensely proud, yet the fighting part is a bit intense for me when it is my son.
I will look forward to coming home to lots of chocolate Sunday night!
And if a medal comes home too, well, there will be
a huge celebration!

Happy Easter,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Duquette Alert!

Huge fan of Tony Duquette I am...
In 2001, ready to pop with my first son, I waddled through "The Duquette Collection" at Christie's in Los Angeles, and admired hundreds and hundreds of his pieces at close range. How I wish I were in LA today...
I'd run over to Bonhams and Butterfields to take a close look at the 136 rare items that go on auction at 10:00 tomorrow from the "Talismans of Power" jewelry collection by Duquette and his business partner Hutton Wilkinson. In the 1980's they travelled throughout Southeast Asia, which inspired the collection of 200 pieces.
The collection in full can be seen here, and online bidding is available for tomorrow.
Here are a few of my favourites that I would snatch up in a heartbeat ~

Enjoy ! And if you end up with a piece of his, please share ~


images from Bonhams and Butterfields

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Had to Share...

riomaggiore, italy

For a little weekend eye candy and travel planning stop by The Cool Hunter's "Amazing Places to Experience Around the Globe"

marble caves, chile chico, chile

valley of the ten peaks, moraine lake, alberta, canada



all photos via the cool hunter

Thursday, April 14, 2011


necklace above at bonbi forest

I feel light as a feather today, happy as a clam...
Our little friend Jade, after some HUGE ups and downs...
Is going HOME...
After almost three weeks in the hospital,
Two surgeries ( one was 5 hours long)...

l'ange au sourire in Reims

I thank all angels out there for their thoughts and prayers ~

buddha print  by mosdurf available here

Jade will be able to heal at home, the science fair projects are done ( i am not at all a scientific person), the cranes for the children in Japan are folded (not as easy as it sounds!), and we have 10 days off from school after tomorrow, which means the ultimate of luxuries for me,
Sleeping in...
And time to get out and visit and see the posts I've missed!

I hope you too are light as a feather today bearing a smile on your beautiful face ~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Year Gone By...

letterpress card by daily sip

Somehow another year has passed, and apparently I am a year older ~ I really wouldn't mind stopping the clock right about now....
I want to THANK YOU all for the lovely comments and birthday wishes ...It means so much to have all of you fabulous friends from spots all over the world. Even though we haven't shared a glass of wine together, enjoyed a laugh or two, or gone shopping together...somehow through blogging it is possible to connect and develop such wonderful relationships. I am waiting for the day to win the lottery, or I guess, since I am in the right town, cash in big time ( only trouble there is that I don't gamble), so that I can put my travelling shoes on and meet each and every one of you!
Until then, we will make do with the internet ~

How do you like this Transparent chair by Nendo ?

Very hammock -esque...

I had to laugh looking at it though...all I could think was, oh I would never sit in that, I could only imagine the rear view, which would terrify me!
And your thoughts?

I wish you all a great week ahead, I am anxious to crank this one out as my sons have Spring Break next week. We can't go far as my older son is competing in the Jr. Olympics and US Open  for 3 days of it, but I am thinking of visiting the Valley of's supposed to be just beautiful...I'll share some snapshots!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Whisk Me Away....

Ah Paris! This is where I would like to be this weekend, at the newly re-opened
 Le Monceau Hotel ( ok I am a little behind, it is at least 6 months old)...
It's my birthday weekend,

and this would just hit the spot!

Perfect Aries decor scheme by Philippe Starck...

Would I want to languish and enjoy room service, or would I be able to ignore the calling of the streets begging to be walked and enjoy old haunts, see new ones...

A lovely bath to soothe tired soles...

Some fabulous macarons to celebrate!
It won't be this weekend, but soon ~

Have a fun weekend wherever you are. Out of the blue we got winter weather back again, completely crazy! I may end up in the snow at Mt. Charleston, who knows.

I thank you for keeping our little friend in your thoughts, so far it seems that her surgery was a success, but she is in much pain. It has been a long week of praying and worrying for our friend and her family.

How is your weather? Typical? Strange? A touch bizarre?

xo, Nathalie

photos via cool hunter

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calling All Angels...

print by visual emotionism

Calling all angels...
I need your help ~

please look after Jade, a little girl in my son's class...she will be having brain surgery tomorrow, all very sudden ...

print from mursblanc

prayers would be appreciated for her and her family...

thank you so much...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cranes for Kids

cranes above for Made By Jo...get them here

A friend of mine works for Oshkosh B'Gosh, and informed me about the incredible way they have found to help the thousands of children in Japan that have been affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. It also is a way for our children to feel that they have helped, by creating an origami crane,the  powerful symbol of health and well-wishes in Japan. After making one, there are 3 ways to deliver the crane...and for each one delivered, OshKosh will donate an article of clothing to the children of Japan.  I am organizing my son's entire school to participate...
Please share and spread the word!
Visit the website HERE for more information...

Our children CAN make a difference, one step at a time.

Have a great week, I will be busy learning how to fold origami cranes!


Friday, April 1, 2011

"Light"en Up This Weekend...

Need a little lightening up somewhere? How easy it will be with with this genius portable luminary Hobo Lantern ~

Can you imagine in the dark how fun this would be to carry...

Or a soiree, all lit up...
They are available in April (hey! it's April did that come up so fast!)
at Molo Store ~

I wish you all a bright and light weekend!


pictures from molo store, seen on the contemporist