Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I know that Spring is officially here when the Ladybanks Roses that we have all over our yard burst out in bloom ~ after the dull of winter, they are just glorious and we enjoy them immensely. They only bloom for about a month, but by then others have come out in full colour.
I went with my son's class on a fishing/ let the baby trout that they had raised free trip to a park very near my house that I have long wanted to go to. It is called Floyd Lamb Park, and I was amazed to hear that the lake is not man made (in the midst of the desert quite amazing). And even more amazed to hear that the area is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The dry desert heat has helped the fossils to stay intact.
My favourite though were the 30 or so peacocks all over ~
This is Snowflake...I've never seen a white peacock...he is so beautiful!
And seeing Mother Nature's use of colour had me so inspired and dumbfounded. There really is no replicating the celestial blues of a peacock's feathers, no matter how hard you try.
It was a much needed day of relaxation, away from my computer and the orders that have kept me from visiting all of my blogging friends ( miss you all!)...
It reminded me of the peace that you get from being near the water ~ I have always lived within 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, so being in the middle of the desert is a big change. I am happy to have found this spot and even happier that it is only ten minutes from me!
Do you enjoy being near the water? Are you near lakes or an ocean, or are you in drylands like me?
I wish you all a very peaceful and Nature loving weekend. Mother Nature is so unpredictable these days, so when she is in a good mood and the day is bright, take advantage and enjoy!
I will try to keep those peaceful moments tonight when I have ten ten year old boys spending the night ~



  1. I too am looking for the first signs of spring! I've never seen a white peacock elegant.
    Happy weekend.

  2. It's so important to take that time to enjoy your flowers, to discover new things. I have a lovely park near me that no one ever goes to and it's a special escape place of mine. Turning off the computer is essential, isn't it? I forget what 'real' life is like sometimes.
    As for water - all the lakes here are man-made. I grew up on the East Coast, so the ocean was never more than an hours drive away. I'm particularly drawn to rivers, though. My grandparent's lived right on a river and it was, and is, a place of happy, happy memories.
    Hooray for the first day of spring,

  3. I have always had a love/hatred relationship with the water, infact I love swimming but am terrified of the ocean, especially since I moved to Sydney...the water has taken away so many lives over the years...and recently with all the natural disasters it's been hard...I do love going for walks along the beach and I feel happier and more relaxed when I'm there. We live 20 min away from our closest beach and the kids love it in summertime...Your spot is gorgeous and it's so close to you, enjoy it!
    Have a great time with the boys :))

  4. Nathalie,
    I am so envious of your roses - I bet they have a lovely fragrance. A white peacock! I never even knew they existed. So glad you managed to capture a shot of one to share with us.

  5. Beautiful, serene pictures. I am happy to see little stems of my favorite flowers poking out of the ground. I found a little pond and stream nearby my home today, like a dream come true!

  6. Hi Nathalie,
    Happy Spring! What a gorgeous peacock, Snowflake. I've never seen a white one either. Lovely! We are an hours drive from the ocean here in the Pacific NW. In Paris, 3 blocks from the Seine and in Greece with a view of the bay just a few blocks away. Water is important to me and I have to be near it. While I love Colorado, I don't think I could ever live there. Too far from the ocean.
    Hope you find more signs of spring popping up everywhere you look!


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