Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Goals In Anticipation of Summer

I have made a goal, and am back to biking! Before kids, I would ride the 10 mile bike path along the ocean here in Santa Monica, and loved every minute of it...

I may not be along the beach with the salt air and baby dolphins swimming alongside, and I may not be doing a 10 mile ride (yet!)...
But it feels good!
I still don't have the time, which has been my excuse for a long time...but I'm forcing it.
Because, you know, in no time at all, I have to get into...gasp! ...
a bathing suit...
And somehow, somewhere, an extra 8 to 10 pounds attached itself to my body ~ The nerve!

My pool awaits! A matter of weeks...

And this is what kicked me in the pants...
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To read more on this:

"If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way. If It Isn’t, You’ll Find An Excuse"

taken from the cool hunter

On my rides I have been admiring Spring ~
the blooms on my new nectarine tree...

the ladybanks roses in bloom in my yard ~

our little vegetable garden full of goodies ~

Are you getting ready for summer? Are you in line with your goals? I tell you, that was all I needed to see to shake me up! It feels good, too....
But don't ask me to post a picture of myself in a bathing suit, even after the 10 pounds comes off!



  1. Hi Nathalie! I admire your determination, you'll soon be rewarded for it. I have always enjoyed riding but unfortunately because of my bad back it's been a while since I've been for a ride. You'll have fun I'm sure. Love your veggie garden, it looks so good and ready to be enjoyed. Hope you have a great w/end:))

  2. congrats to you getting back on the bike! today we hubby and i decided we would start running (i was always a runner), by taking turns with the baby. we'll see how it goes! i feel sorely outta shape!

  3. Good luck Nathalie. It's so brave of you to declare your goal on your blog. It will take determination because there are lots of temptations in Vegas....


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