Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Popping" Brights in Art and Decor...

Those Andy Warhol Dom Perignon labels last weekend really got me going on colour ~ with spring around the corner and the winter dulls fading quick, who can resist some  mood altering brights! Adriano Pecchio's work caught my eye immediately.  An Interior Design and Architecture photographer in Milan , his work could completely transform a room...or two!
His shop is here

"The photographs of surreal scenes that i want introduce are the result of my research to find a dialogue, an emotional relationship between "solid and light", between "material and color", between "space and form" seamless, released from mere functional relationship to man and environment.

Neglected details of our everyday life which we look without scan the formal essence and their interaction with the whole."
adriano pecchio

Le fotografie di paesaggi surreali che voglio presentarVi, sono il frutto di una ricerca volta a trovare un dialogo, un rapporto emotivo tra " solido e luce", tra " materia e colore, tra " spazio e forma " senza soluzione di continuità, svincolati dalla mera relazione funzionale rispetto all'uomo e all'ambiente.

Dettagli disattesi della nostra quotidianità cui volgiamo lo sguardo senza scrutarne l'essenza formale e la loro interazione

con il tutto.

adriano pecchio
I had to include the Italian version because I find it suits his work so much better!

Okay, talking "Pop" as in Pop Art...
What do you think of "Barbie's Dream House"
Fuschia is my favourite shade hands down, but not quite sure if I could be completely encompassed in it day in and out ~ would you wake up happy...revitalized...ready to go? Or would you be a bit tortured, full of angst???

Maybe just a shoe closet shrine would be the right amount ~

Someone in Shanghai has taken their love for Hello Kitty pop culture
to the extreme....

I can tell they don't have male children....

Now one of these  would be a perfect addition to my room ~ LOVE these velvet mannequins, and you MUST visit Lucy at Corset Laced Mannequin to see her others   ~
Shop here

Not popping, but definitely standing out...This is the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health designed by Frank Gehry ( see post below)...I couldn't find this picture the other day, and it is just such an amazing building. They lease out some of the rooms for large events and parties, and will use lighting to completely transform the building... I was at an event where the entire building was red, from lighting the whole building to the furniture and decor inside ( remember this IS Vegas, everything is over the top)...

I hope your weekend is BRIGHT and full of LIGHT!

photos of houses by tom andrews via flavorwire, lou ruvo center photo by ellen long


  1. Love this colourful post Nathalie...has brighten my day a lot, thank you! xo

  2. Okay, well I would go screaming from both those rooms! But I do love the velvet mannequins...and the Gehry building, which I mentioned in my other comment. So nice to see all these bright colors. Everyone is so tired of winter. Bring it on! Have a relaxing Sunday. I'm hurting from the computer, too. Sometimes posting is all I can manage.

  3. I'm craving colour too. It seems that the spring fashions are suffused with colour so even if Toronto stays gray I can have at least one way to bring colour back into my view. Have a great weekend Nathalie.

  4. That Hello Kitty house takes the cake, Nathalie. I would've loved that when I was about 10. Have a great week! xo

  5. I loooove all pink ... hmm yummy!
    Happy Women's Day Nathalie

  6. Beautiful colorful post, my favorite part of the house are inside the pink rooms!
    Great post and blog. (-:


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