Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh How I'd Love To Be In Her Shoes For A Day (or two!)

My friend Heidi Abra, who has the most fabulous store on Beverly Boulevard in LA ( see her Facebook Page with photos here), always has some of the most intriguing people to post that inspire her....Today she shared this CNN video interview of Anna Dello Russo, from the Paris Fashion Week: CNN video interview at PARIS Fashion Week
If I could jump into any of her 4,000 shoes for a day or two, what a fun life that would be, for me! I love her whole approach to dressing up..
Task No. 1...Enough with the black clothes!
Task No. 2...Lose some weight so I can stop wearing the black clothes!
Oh I needed some lightness today  ~ I hope it brought a smile to you too :)
And stay tuned for more on Heidi Abra once she gets her online shop going...
xo, Nathalie


  1. Hi Nathalie, you have certainly put a smile on my dial...thanks for a great post -it's always interesting and somehow educational to take a pick into someones else's life (especially if they are as intriguing as Anna!) Have a great and fun Friday. Ciao :)) xo

  2. Oh I wish I'd known about your friend's shop when I was in LA. Maybe next time....
    I am a big fan of Anna. She is a fashion original. Did you ever see the photos of the apartment that she uses as an archive for her outfits? It is a fashionista's dream....

  3. a agree with the 2nd comment...a fashion original! happy weekend


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