Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Double Digits Marcello

I am feeling very nostalgic, a tad sad, and scared of where the years go... My first little angel above is ten years old today...
as tall as me, he thinks he knows the world and how things will be...
and that's what scares me ~

Happy Birthday Marcello!
Don't grow too fast, linger, savour the minutes and days...
because it all goes far too fast.


Love, Mom

and Mom is having techie issues, I am not able to upload his adorable baby picture for some reason!
Oh well...


  1. Happy Birthday Marcello! Hope you have a fun, fun day! My fourteen year old is almost as tall as me and I'm quite tall. I reckon a few more months and he'll be looking down at me.

  2. Hope Marcello (love that name!) had a very happy 10th birthday. Have a great week! xx


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