Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Stuff!

My eldest son is turning TEN...How ten years flew by I have NO idea...
In planning the BIG sleepover (oh dear), I came across Archie McPhee and  Co...
If you are looking for one of a kind FUN and CRAZY gifts, this is the place!
No, the "smoochers" are not for the boys ~ something fun for Mom's handbag ~
And Noooo, this isn't for the boys ( my son would never talk to me again )
But is this funny!
Again something fun for Mom...
And again Mom ( you can tell I was very focused on the party, and not myself...)

All I can say is...EEEEW! I mean, really?
Okay, back to the boys...Mustache theme, I got stick on mustaches and they can have some fun with the Flip camera and some cool glasses and son is a movie Director in training, obsessed ... and I thought I left Hollywood....

These will be "goody bags" ~ Do they still do "goody bags" at 10? Do you ever grow out of goody bags? I sure enjoyed mine last week...
And these are  whole reason I came across Archie McPhee ~ I saw these on Lisa GoLightly's blog, she was in a candy store in Austin, Texas, and took a picture of these. I saw them had to have them, called around, and here you go, I'm sharing with you! Chock full of  fun little gifties for all occasions.
I think I shall be the mad artiste in the movie...

Have a fun and eccentric kind of day, and
Happy Shopping!



  1. I love Archie McPhee too, and thanks for turning me onto the "Cool Hunter." Your blog is always so interesting and lovely.

    Have a fun sleep over, keep us updated!

  2. Love the mustache's...I included a pick of some on my green and pink post today. I'm having a new giveaway to celebrate Spring! Enter if you haven't already! Kori xoxo

  3. Boy oh boy are those young men going to have a blast of a birthday bash for your son Nathalie. Would you belie!e I lived just minutes from Archie McPhee in Seattle?! It's located in a Norwegian community called Ballard and it's kooky & fun as the stuff online. I hope your son has a terrific time? You are the best mom and you are going to score great points for this one!! Love to you, Deb (as in Duchess Deb!!!)

  4. Such cool stuff. A Happy Belated B-day to your son. (Looks like you had fun, too.) I have 2 nephews around the same age and never have any idea what to get for modern little boys. Now I know who to ask. I'm zeroing in on those Absinthe gumballs. (Not for the kids, of course.)That's exciting that your son is interested in moviemaking. I've been doing that all week. I think it might be my new thing.
    Catherine xx


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