Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Goals In Anticipation of Summer

I have made a goal, and am back to biking! Before kids, I would ride the 10 mile bike path along the ocean here in Santa Monica, and loved every minute of it...

I may not be along the beach with the salt air and baby dolphins swimming alongside, and I may not be doing a 10 mile ride (yet!)...
But it feels good!
I still don't have the time, which has been my excuse for a long time...but I'm forcing it.
Because, you know, in no time at all, I have to get into...gasp! ...
a bathing suit...
And somehow, somewhere, an extra 8 to 10 pounds attached itself to my body ~ The nerve!

My pool awaits! A matter of weeks...

And this is what kicked me in the pants...
You must click here
To read more on this:

"If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way. If It Isn’t, You’ll Find An Excuse"

taken from the cool hunter

On my rides I have been admiring Spring ~
the blooms on my new nectarine tree...

the ladybanks roses in bloom in my yard ~

our little vegetable garden full of goodies ~

Are you getting ready for summer? Are you in line with your goals? I tell you, that was all I needed to see to shake me up! It feels good, too....
But don't ask me to post a picture of myself in a bathing suit, even after the 10 pounds comes off!


Monday, March 28, 2011

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I grew up in San Francisco for much of my youth ( I have lived many places, but consider this home). When I came across these photos of The Fontana Apartment, my heart cried! What a fabulous pied a terre encompassing the best that San Francisco has to offer, with sweeping views from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge.  I am not a fan of orange, but love the way that Interior Designer Gary Hutton used it here. It must really compliment the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here we go with my attraction to clean, sparse and modern decor. But when you have a killer view, you really don't want anything to take away from it, right?

Gorgeous sunny days are not the norm in SF, I am wondering how this apartment would feel on a rainy day. Like being perched up high in your cosy nest?

Views from everywhere ~

More of that classic orange...Golden Gate meets Hermes...

Look! There it is...what a view!

And here is my little angel, maybe I was too emotional to get the picture loaded in yesterdays post :)

Have a fantastic week ahead! I have a feeling that it is going to be an amazing week...I don't know why...But I feel it! Enjoy and make the most of it...


mark english, architect
gary hutton, interior designer
photos via the contemporist

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Double Digits Marcello

I am feeling very nostalgic, a tad sad, and scared of where the years go... My first little angel above is ten years old today...
as tall as me, he thinks he knows the world and how things will be...
and that's what scares me ~

Happy Birthday Marcello!
Don't grow too fast, linger, savour the minutes and days...
because it all goes far too fast.


Love, Mom

and Mom is having techie issues, I am not able to upload his adorable baby picture for some reason!
Oh well...

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Many thanks to my friend Jane at Jacaranda Designs  for her kind post about Dolce Dreams and my lavender sachets! I was so touched ~
We have become friends through our mutual blogging, Etsy Shops, and that we are mothers to sons...
  It has come to my attention that many of us blogging are mothers to sons (maybe I just notice that because I am...kind of like when you get a blue  car you start noticing  other blue cars everywhere).  And I was thinking that, at least for me, blogging helps me stay balanced in a male dominated I alone?
Back to Jane...
She has the prettiest jewelry in her Etsy Shop....

Do stop by and take a look!
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh How I'd Love To Be In Her Shoes For A Day (or two!)

My friend Heidi Abra, who has the most fabulous store on Beverly Boulevard in LA ( see her Facebook Page with photos here), always has some of the most intriguing people to post that inspire her....Today she shared this CNN video interview of Anna Dello Russo, from the Paris Fashion Week: CNN video interview at PARIS Fashion Week
If I could jump into any of her 4,000 shoes for a day or two, what a fun life that would be, for me! I love her whole approach to dressing up..
Task No. 1...Enough with the black clothes!
Task No. 2...Lose some weight so I can stop wearing the black clothes!
Oh I needed some lightness today  ~ I hope it brought a smile to you too :)
And stay tuned for more on Heidi Abra once she gets her online shop going...
xo, Nathalie

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP, Elizabeth

I am so sad to hear that Elizabeth Taylor passed away today...
She will be missed. They don't make them like her anymore. I had the pleasure of sitting near her at The Ivy in Santa Monica years ago, and being blinded by her ring ~ a true Movie Star all the way.
~ Peace ~


photo - google

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soirees Alfresco

Wouldn't this be a divine party to throw? These Woopy armchairs and barstools by Karim Rashid for B-Line are so much fun ~

And perfect to use outdoors too. I am all ready for outdoor dining after the winter...

After my last post on Spring's arrival....I awoke  yesterday to this...

Snow covered mountains completely surrounding our valley of Las Vegas, and chilly temps to accompany them. The snow has melted today, but no eating outside unless you have a fur on ~  Mother Nature is up and down lately, all over the world...she needs a cup of tea and a good night's sleep!

xo, Nathalie

photo of redrock mountain by john mclean

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I know that Spring is officially here when the Ladybanks Roses that we have all over our yard burst out in bloom ~ after the dull of winter, they are just glorious and we enjoy them immensely. They only bloom for about a month, but by then others have come out in full colour.
I went with my son's class on a fishing/ let the baby trout that they had raised free trip to a park very near my house that I have long wanted to go to. It is called Floyd Lamb Park, and I was amazed to hear that the lake is not man made (in the midst of the desert quite amazing). And even more amazed to hear that the area is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The dry desert heat has helped the fossils to stay intact.
My favourite though were the 30 or so peacocks all over ~
This is Snowflake...I've never seen a white peacock...he is so beautiful!
And seeing Mother Nature's use of colour had me so inspired and dumbfounded. There really is no replicating the celestial blues of a peacock's feathers, no matter how hard you try.
It was a much needed day of relaxation, away from my computer and the orders that have kept me from visiting all of my blogging friends ( miss you all!)...
It reminded me of the peace that you get from being near the water ~ I have always lived within 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, so being in the middle of the desert is a big change. I am happy to have found this spot and even happier that it is only ten minutes from me!
Do you enjoy being near the water? Are you near lakes or an ocean, or are you in drylands like me?
I wish you all a very peaceful and Nature loving weekend. Mother Nature is so unpredictable these days, so when she is in a good mood and the day is bright, take advantage and enjoy!
I will try to keep those peaceful moments tonight when I have ten ten year old boys spending the night ~


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O' The Morning To You!

photo by Grainyman available here

May your blessings outnumber

                    The shamrocks that grow,

                  And may trouble avoid you

                         Wherever you go.

                   ~Irish Blessing

Have a wonderfully lucky day!


Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Moving! (dreaming...)

Wasn't it Buzz Lightyear who said "Reach for the Stars?"
I'm all for the big dream ~ and thought I'd share this one of my new house! Or, shall I say another of my dream houses...
Safe to say I like open airy and bright homes, although my decor tastes are far from modern, and I would jump into a tuscan castello, provencal farmhouse or parisian apartment in a heartbeat. It must be all of this desert sun getting to me. But, if you are in La Jolla, high above Torrey Pines with these views of the Pacific Ocean, this is the only way to go ~

dream big by magalerie, available here

And I introduce to you...

"The Razor Residence by Wallace E. Cunningham"

11,000 square feet of polished white concrete and floor to ceiling glass...
Breathtaking, no?

Private access to Black's Beach...
And it can be yours for a mere $32,000,000

Have a great week full of BIG dreams!


as seen on the cool hunter and the contemporist

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Shopping In Vegas

For your weekend entertainment, some virtual window shopping in some of the finest Las Vegas designer shops ~
Luxury Las Vegas magazine always has such gorgeous picks !
Have a fabulous weekend,


pages via luxury las vegas

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Stuff!

My eldest son is turning TEN...How ten years flew by I have NO idea...
In planning the BIG sleepover (oh dear), I came across Archie McPhee and  Co...
If you are looking for one of a kind FUN and CRAZY gifts, this is the place!
No, the "smoochers" are not for the boys ~ something fun for Mom's handbag ~
And Noooo, this isn't for the boys ( my son would never talk to me again )
But is this funny!
Again something fun for Mom...
And again Mom ( you can tell I was very focused on the party, and not myself...)

All I can say is...EEEEW! I mean, really?
Okay, back to the boys...Mustache theme, I got stick on mustaches and they can have some fun with the Flip camera and some cool glasses and son is a movie Director in training, obsessed ... and I thought I left Hollywood....

These will be "goody bags" ~ Do they still do "goody bags" at 10? Do you ever grow out of goody bags? I sure enjoyed mine last week...
And these are  whole reason I came across Archie McPhee ~ I saw these on Lisa GoLightly's blog, she was in a candy store in Austin, Texas, and took a picture of these. I saw them had to have them, called around, and here you go, I'm sharing with you! Chock full of  fun little gifties for all occasions.
I think I shall be the mad artiste in the movie...

Have a fun and eccentric kind of day, and
Happy Shopping!