Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thinking Summer...East Hampton...Grey Gardens

I think we all know the story of Grey Gardens...there is a great story on Decorology's blog here about the time that the HBO documentary came out.

Voila! Grey Gardens as it looks now, after painstaking renovations by current owners  Sally Quinn and husband Ben Bradlee, who bought the property in 1979.
It can be yours for two weeks this August...

Available through Bill Williams Realty, for $135,000

What  a time you could have!

Summer at it's best...

Gardens back to their former grandeur...

The house is 6,000 square feet


So lovely and bright ~

Quite a change from when this photograph was taken for Life magazine...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend,


photos via Architectural Digest, Bill Williams Realty, Decorology, Life Magazine


  1. This is amazing! I would love to get there! Kori xoxo

  2. looks like a beautiful place, the pool is divine...would love to have a look, shame it's so far away!!! Thanks Nathalie or taking me there :))

  3. A stay at GG would be beyond surreal. I watched the original documentary with my boyfriend a few months ago and it was unreal. It was sad, but we also had some good laughs....I actually know of a couple of people who live a similar lifestyle. Yikes! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I'm checking my calendar for August! It can't cost THAT much :)

  5. how wonderful!!!
    the house of my dreams!!

  6. Nathalie - can you possibly imagine spending 2 weeks in this slice of history. Oh the stories those walls could tell. Truly a charming home. I'd be quite pleased just staying in the wee gardener's cottage. I have still not seen the HBO special and I need to track it down. Hope you had a good weekend? I cannot believe your husband is sommelier; so absolutely cool.
    Thanks for your great comments always. You are truly the best!

    xx Deb

  7. It is beautiful now but I don't think I could get the haunting images of the squalor that it once was out of my mind. What a labour of love it must have been to restore that dump!

  8. Hi Nathalie I looked for yr email address but couldnt find it! just spent 15 min writing about Sydney and lost it internet connection!!! perhaps u cld email me on and ill email u back with some info. Also where is yr friend staying? xx

  9. Little Edie...that's gonna be me someday...singing and dancing away with a babushka on my head. The house is gorgeous now...but the memory of what used to be is enough to make you gag! Weren't Jessica and Drew fabulous?


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