Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely Georgie, at 12, is Making a Difference in the World

I was so inspired and could not imagine the pride of a mother when Meg, one of my customers in London, mentioned that her daughter, Georgie, had a dream ~ Now I have a 10 year old, and have some idea of what most kids about that age dream of, want, "need"...
When I hopped over to her mum's site (the best cupcakes in London!), Bunny and Boo, to see the book, I was blown away at the resourcefulness of Georgie, and ordered the book immediately.
Georgie, after visiting her 4 year old friend who was having treatment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for a rare brain tumour, decided that she would find a way to raise the L20,000 needed for a new ward for the children and their families. She didn't stop at the thought of a bake sale, she told her parents that she was going to write a cookbook, and sell it...
And she then wrote to many celebrities agents, asking for a recipe ~
The cookbook contains recipes and a note from Nigella Lawson, Sophie Dahl, Ina Garten, and many more. I am truly amazed at the resourcefulness and most of all the huge heart that this lovely girl has, and pray that my children will show such strengths of character.

If you can help her achieve her goal, you can purchase the cookbook here.

Georgie has been all over the London Press, and is shown here with Gino D'Acampo on "This Morning" television show.

"Went Into Great Ormond Street Today to decorating cupcakes with some children, i met lots, some were really sweet and gorgeous, the others cheekey, all fab though! I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see how the money I raise will help, but they were so amazing and kind and showed me so many things, It was great to see. I loved meeting everyone and I look forward to seeing them again! Love Georgie! XX"

from Georgie's Facebook Page

The one who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~ Confucius

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  1. Truly and isnpiration! I'm certain your children are going to be just as brilliant and make a difference in this world. Going to check out the book.xo HHL

  2. What an amazing girl! And such a wonderful inspiration for her generation that definitely needs to be inspired in different ways by wonderful and generous people like her. Well done Georgie :))
    Thanks for sharing Nathalie.
    Have a great w/end

  3. Wow she is an inspiration! My blog makeover giveaway ends tomorrow. Make sure to enter if you haven't already! Kori xoxo

  4. I'm totally blown away by Georgie's big heart and talent - what a huge achievement at just 12.

  5. How I do love your finds! Thank you for spreading the word on this...and for your comments. January is always hard for me and I so appreciate your kind words. Hoping lots of people will buy her book. On my way over now to take a look!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  6. I LOVE cupcakes and I will buy the book. Her story is really inspiring.


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