Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Etsy's Taste Test

I have wanted to try Etsy's "Taste Test", where you go through items that are offered until you find ones that you like, click, and then Etsy takes you off onto a series of similar "Finds"...
This was my first foray....
Having fun and getting lost while I should really be doing other things, like getting caught up from week two of flu in our house...but I just don't feel like doing much of anything! My couch and I have become more intimately acquainted than we have in years...


and obviously i am not in my best form because i cannot figure out how to get the extra two copies off of here so i guess three's a charm!!!!
he he he :) enjoy and bear with me...


  1. I fancy your finds Nathalie, that long black skirt is a killer! But, I'm really, really sorry you all have been sick. I hope that you guys bounce back fast and start feeling like yourselves again. Hugs to you xx Deb

  2. Oh my sweet friend .. I so the Dolce Dream household has seen the last of the nasty flu.. and get well soon! Sometimes we need a cup of tea and internet surfing... feel better..xo HHL

  3. Hi Nathalie, I love the bonjour necklace, the bus roll and the long black skirt...sigh!...dream...:))
    Hope you're having a good week


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