Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Etsy "Circles"

neoslettering on Etsy here

I am one of the biggest Etsy fans, and am constantly amazed at how they are continually improving every aspect, whether it be for a seller or shoppers. Recently they started Etsy "circles" ...
Here are a few things that popped up on my "circle" activity this morning that caught my eye. You don't need to be a seller, just have an account and a sense of adventure! If you want to dive into my "circle", send me a convo in my shop and I will gladly add you into my creative grouping. It is a great way to find things that appeal to your tastes without getting lost, as Etsy has grown so much. My shop link is to the right...

Gnome Sweeeet Gnome available here

antler flower photo by kari herer available here

ICU earrings by Tilly Bloom available here

bracelet by shop elegante available here

moroccan tea cup candles by one half dozen available here

I hope your week is starting off famously and that you are surviving the weather ...even here in the desert we are bracing for a winter storm bringing us back into freezing temps with possible snow....craziness!

A good time to explore online  ~



  1. Hi Nathalie, love the antler flower photo, it's just beautiful.
    Hope you're having a good day :))

  2. i love the neon lettering..i must have it in my room!!


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