Friday, February 25, 2011

The Academy Awards

monique lhuillier
One of my favourite Sundays is almost here ! I love the Academy Awards, seeing everyone decked out and glamourous ~
Here are a few gowns that I would choose in a heartbeat...

monique lhuillier
I am REALLY liking Monique Lhuillier's dresses here...

oscar de la renta
According to Tim Gunn (and I agree), you can never go wrong with rich jewel tones, that will flatter everyone ~ isn't this blue stunning?

oscar de la renta
"Blush" is supposed to be a trend right now...but I have to say I love the lines of the black gown in the background !

oscar de la renta
What a beauty this one is...a little hard to get in and out of the limo though!

badgley mischka
I am a fuschia kind of I wish I had this to wear to an event I am going to tomorrow night!

badgley mischka
More blush...
You really have to have the right coloring to pull this shade off.

carolina herrera
So classy and elegant, I adore this one ~
These are just a few that caught my first glance, there are some big names that I missed and am sure will be present on Sunday...I can't wait to see!

The invite to the After Party 17 years ago when Wolfgang Puck first did the Governor's Ball ~ This was the year that I "worked" it, managing and overseeing the VIP section (s). It was so exciting, because I got to go to Bob Mackie and choose a gown for the night, and get fitted.
And this is what I chose...

Lovely photo in my hairdresser's hallway  ~  It was beaded, and so heavy! I was exhausted at the end of the day, but what an experience...Quite exciting!!

And here he is, 17 years later, still doing the most exciting event there is!

To start, there will be platters of sushi, shrimp,, oysters and crab, trays of salmon, tuna tartar, with black truffle pizzas and Kobe beef burgers being tray passed...
The First Course will be a trio of Wolfgang's signature salads...
Artichoke salad with confit of  tomato, heirloom beet salad with oranges and almonds, and asparagus with Iberico ham,black truffle aioli and mizuna leaves
Followed by Pan Roasted Dover Sole and Vegetable Paella
The stunning desserts by Pastry Chef extraordinaire Sherry Yard were influenced by the theme of the evening ~ The Copacabana ...
layers of lemon cheesecake, raspberry cremieux, cassis gelee, served with a 24 karat chocolate Oscar. And if that isn't enough, there is a 24 foot long chocolate bar overflowing with temptation....

Are you planning on watching? 


photos via gofugyourself,abcnews,esquire,myself

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely Georgie, at 12, is Making a Difference in the World

I was so inspired and could not imagine the pride of a mother when Meg, one of my customers in London, mentioned that her daughter, Georgie, had a dream ~ Now I have a 10 year old, and have some idea of what most kids about that age dream of, want, "need"...
When I hopped over to her mum's site (the best cupcakes in London!), Bunny and Boo, to see the book, I was blown away at the resourcefulness of Georgie, and ordered the book immediately.
Georgie, after visiting her 4 year old friend who was having treatment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for a rare brain tumour, decided that she would find a way to raise the L20,000 needed for a new ward for the children and their families. She didn't stop at the thought of a bake sale, she told her parents that she was going to write a cookbook, and sell it...
And she then wrote to many celebrities agents, asking for a recipe ~
The cookbook contains recipes and a note from Nigella Lawson, Sophie Dahl, Ina Garten, and many more. I am truly amazed at the resourcefulness and most of all the huge heart that this lovely girl has, and pray that my children will show such strengths of character.

If you can help her achieve her goal, you can purchase the cookbook here.

Georgie has been all over the London Press, and is shown here with Gino D'Acampo on "This Morning" television show.

"Went Into Great Ormond Street Today to decorating cupcakes with some children, i met lots, some were really sweet and gorgeous, the others cheekey, all fab though! I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see how the money I raise will help, but they were so amazing and kind and showed me so many things, It was great to see. I loved meeting everyone and I look forward to seeing them again! Love Georgie! XX"

from Georgie's Facebook Page

The one who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~ Confucius

Have a great day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Contest...Of Sorts

With the luxury of an extra day this weekend, I am trying to get a little extra work in, and "prep" my shop for Mother's Day, which is a busy time for my sachets.

These are a couple of new additions to my shop ...
And here's the "contest"...
If you have any great ideas on  a colour combo, catchy saying, or graphic that I end up using and putting in my shop ~ I will make one for you and send it to you!

Lovely and catchy items make it into treasuries, which get more traffic into shops...
And the best of all is if one makes it onto Etsy's front page or Etsy Finds ...
A goal I am shooting for ~

Any great ideas....Let me know!

Thank you, and have a fantastic week ,

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Love Paris In The Springtime ~

I made a little treasury on Etsy today...I was dreaming of Paris last night, how nice it would be to go in March ~
Want to join me?

Have a tres jolie weekend,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back To The Future by Irina Werning

Irina Werning, FLOR, MALE, SIL IN 1983 & 2010

Buenos Aires - born artist Irina Werning is onto something really interesting here... taking a photograph and re-creating it, sometimes 20 years later...
The results ~ hysterical! Just goes to show that we don't really change that much.
You may take my youth, but not my joie de vivre and spirit!
 The next time my sister and I are together, I think it would be a riot to "re-make" some of our classics...Fun project, no?

Irina Werning, MATIAS IN 1977 & 2010, Uruguay

Irina Werning, LUCIA IN 1956 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning, NICO IN 1990 & 2010, France

Irina Werning, CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

Irina Werning, LALI IN 1978 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning, Nico in 1986 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning, PANCHO IN 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning, MECHI IN 1990 & 2010, Buenos Aires

How about you, do you have a classic that you'd like to re-create?

 I hope your week is progressing along on a good path!


photos via flavorpill

This is a hot topic today ! Just went onto my blog reader and saw Irina's work on A Cup of Jo ~ Great minds are onto something here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Etsy's Taste Test

I have wanted to try Etsy's "Taste Test", where you go through items that are offered until you find ones that you like, click, and then Etsy takes you off onto a series of similar "Finds"...
This was my first foray....
Having fun and getting lost while I should really be doing other things, like getting caught up from week two of flu in our house...but I just don't feel like doing much of anything! My couch and I have become more intimately acquainted than we have in years...


and obviously i am not in my best form because i cannot figure out how to get the extra two copies off of here so i guess three's a charm!!!!
he he he :) enjoy and bear with me...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of love!
All I need to celebrate (minus my boys) ...

heart mask by tom banwell

As for the roses, I like a new plant for my garden ~
Whatever you are doing or have done to celebrate, make it good!


photos via google

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kelly Wearstler, Fashion Designer and A Fabulous Giveaway!

Yes, that's right, she will be bringing out a line this fall, of clothing, jewelry, clutches and scarves ~ I have always been a fan of her interiors, and can't wait to see her collection which will be exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman.

Claudia Lane at Wish You Were Here is doing a lovely giveaway this weekend, of this gorgeous necklace ~
You have until Monday evening to stop by and enter here
If you have not yet visited her, she is an Interior Designer in Sydney with a fantastic sense of style, and a fabulous  person ~ I wrote to her asking if she had a moment to recommend a couple of eateries for my dearest friend who will be visiting there, and she wrote me back a lengthy guide....So kind!!!

Happy friday to you all, and sorry I have not been out and about much, we are still wrestling with this horrid flu at my house, for the second week... Brutal!

I wish you all health and if you are celebrating Valentines over the weekend, have a love~ly time!


photos via wwd, wish you were here

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Which One Will You Choose?

A change of seasons is coming, and along with LOSING WEIGHT, a new summer wardrobe  (well maybe a refresher), and the scariest thought of all... a new bathing suit ( you notice I no longer mention bikini) the easiest and most enjoyable purchase of the "it" colours for the mani/pedi's.  I can't say that this would be my choice, above...but I admire it and am very intrigued ~

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Naked, $16; Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez.

For my hands I am pretty boring, and always embrace the "nudes"...

Chanel Le Vernis in Black Pearl, $25, available at Chanel; M.A.C. Champale Nail Polish in Very Important Platinum, $13, available at M.A.C

Always a fan of Chanel, I think my toe choice might be "Black Pearl"...

Dior Nail Vernis in Pink Boa, $21, available at Nordstrom; Priti NYC Nail Polish in September Charm, $12.50, available at Priti NYC.

This Dior shade would be very pretty too...

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Violet Diva, $19, available in March at Estee Lauder; Priti NYC Nail Polish in Geisha Girl, $12.50, available at Priti NYC.

This Geisha Girl is pretty fresh and lovely ...

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda, $6.99, available in February at drugstores nationwide; Priti NYC in Forget Me Not, $12.50, available at Priti NYC.

And then there is nothing like a little Tiffany blue to gaze upon all day...

These are some of the hot colour trends for Spring/summer 2011...
which ones do you like ?

photos via cool hunter and refinery 29

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thinking Summer...East Hampton...Grey Gardens

I think we all know the story of Grey Gardens...there is a great story on Decorology's blog here about the time that the HBO documentary came out.

Voila! Grey Gardens as it looks now, after painstaking renovations by current owners  Sally Quinn and husband Ben Bradlee, who bought the property in 1979.
It can be yours for two weeks this August...

Available through Bill Williams Realty, for $135,000

What  a time you could have!

Summer at it's best...

Gardens back to their former grandeur...

The house is 6,000 square feet


So lovely and bright ~

Quite a change from when this photograph was taken for Life magazine...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend,


photos via Architectural Digest, Bill Williams Realty, Decorology, Life Magazine