Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get my mail today... a package from Paris! In December I was so very lucky, to have won Carla Coulson's giveaway of her book Paris Tango, which was recently released in the US. It is everything and more than what I expected. It is one thing to look at her gorgeous photos online on her blog, Carla Loves Photography, but yet another to hold the book in your hand and see it in print ( I am a much more tactile person!)
What a beautiful addition to your library, a perfect gift for a lover of photography, romance, and Paris...
It's now available here.

Scenes from the backstage at the Haute Couture ~ Paris Tango

Moulin Rouge ~ Paris Tango

Place de la Concorde ~ Paris Tango

Ritz Hotel Paris ~ Paris Tango

December was my month...I also won the giveaway at Vicki Archer's blog French Essence of her recently released book "French Essence"...
Written by Vicki Archer, the photography here is also by Carla Coulson...
It is available here.

Giddy with glee I am at being the recipient of these great giveaways! I adore and admire both of their work immensely, and have a large and constantly growing library of books ( no Kindle for me!)  that welcome these additions ( although right now they are bedside and being devoured at any opportunity I get).

I also started off my day today in a wonderful way...my son's school had  an assembly in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. The children recited quotes from some of his speeches, facts about his life...and we were fortunate to listen to some wonderful songs of prayer and worship by some immensely talented musician parents that perform in The Lion King...such goosebumps I had! Truly inspiring in many ways.

I hope your week is starting off just as well ~


All photos are by Carla Coulson from Paris Tango and French Essence


  1. Congrats on the lovely wins! These are both fabulous books ... and the photography is breathe taking. I'm with you give me a print version of a book anytime...vs a Kindle - or whatever other gadget is out there. Dreaming of Paris ..xo HHL

  2. Dear Nathalie,
    I'm so happy for you. What a lovely way to start your week.

  3. I'm so jealous Nathalie!!!!....I love Carla's work! Enjoy!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments:))


  4. You are one lucky girl! I have French Essence but I must, must, must have Paris Tango, too. If you can believe it, I have never bought anything on-line before! Isn't that bizarre? Paris Tango might just be my first purchase. Hope your week continues in this winning way, Nathalie.
    I will check the mail...so excited. Thanks for letting me know because sometimes they send things to the main office and don't tell me.

  5. Congrats on your wins! What wonderful gifts to receive. I can totally understand how excited you are about these books.

    Ms Coulson's photos actually inspired me to book a trip to Paris. I saw her photos on her blog, felt the urge to go there - and now I'm all set to go the first weekend in March. Can't wait! :)

  6. Nathalie - I cannot think of a more deserving person to win. Both are are my iist of books to buy. Your day @ your son's school sounded inspirational x1000. What a great start to your week!

    xo xo Deb


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