Friday, January 28, 2011

The Cosmopolitan

Wow, what a day I had! The Cosmopolitan is all that it has promised and more. Just when you think that Las Vegas cannot top the last mega-resort, they do it. I am still in awe of City Center. But I  am really in love with The Cosmopolitan...much more of a boutique resort, very unique in it's shops and restaurants, it is smaller than I would have thought...but opulent beyond belief. I heard that it cost 4 billion, when compared to City Center, almost 3 times the size, that cost 8 billion ~ well, every single little detail is superb.
An  A+ rating from moi if you are planning a trip here and wanting to be removed from the hustle and bustle of the Strip circus.

These stunning flowers are at the entrance to Jean Philippe's  Patisserie  ( at Aria) where my girlfriend and I started the day with chocolate croissants and coffee...They are made entirely of chocolate! Absolutely exquisite ~  

One of his petit cakes, 6 inches tall... divine!

A sculpture at one of the entrances to Aria ~ We started our day here as we wanted to run into Assouline ...

You know it is good when the underground parking looks like this...Cosmo here we come!

My girlfriend had fabulous pictures that she took with her i phone, but I can't figure out how to get them on here :(
So you get my shots...

We took so many pictures!

A little settee to dial your concierge...

Oh! The Vesper Bar, named for the original Bond girl Vesper Lynd of "Casino Royale"
Pictures do not do it justice, it is stunning...

The Cosmopolitan's crown jewel...a three story chandelier, the largest in North America, is made of two million crystals ~ it has a different bar ensconced inside of it on all three levels.

Jose Andres' restaurant "China Poblano," a fusion of mexican and chinese cuisines. It looked even cooler inside.

Out of London, and LA, first time in Las Vegas...

My vote for the best window display ~

To die for! Hundreds of antique sewing machines ~ So incredible, and I love the shopping inside too!

Even the little sundry shops are boutique-y and filled with fabulous hard to find items...

The interior of "Skins 62", their first shop in the US. Love the mirrors on the wall...

Every little detail, like I said ~ Wow!
We had an incredible lunch at Scott Conant's D.O.C.G. enoteca ~

And that's the latest in Vegas!
My fun day came to an abrupt halt at 2:30 when I had to rush to school to pick up my boys and head home for homework etc etc etc...
I can't wait to go back, in the evening next time  ~

I hope you enjoyed my little tour, I wish you all a great weekend!


all photos by moi


  1. Looks and sounds fabulous!! Thanks for sharing your fab day! I can only imagine the splendor you will discover when you do your evening adventure .. that pastry was devine!!!

    happy week-end..xo HHL

  2. WOW! FABuLOUS place and photos!!!!!

  3. Are you kidding me?!! I've never wanted to go to Vegas until now. I'm meeting you at Jean Phillipe's.


    I think your pics are great.

  4. lovely pics Nathalie! especially loving those flowers and that miniature cake...very tempted to visit Vegas now.

    hope 2011 is treating you well my dear blog friend. :)

    love, Persis.

  5. Loved your tour, Nathalie. Thanks for letting us live vicariously. xo

  6. What a great looking place! I can easily imagine you must have had a really great time.

    I've only been to Las Vegas once (on a visit to the US in 2007), but I was completely taken with all the fantastic hotels and their stunning decorations and displays of art. I'd love to go back again someday, though, and then I'll make sure to put this place to on my list of things to do.


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