Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Come With Me to Cancun....

Are you in need of a vacation? I sure am!!! Come swim off with me to check out the Cancun Underwater Museum, located off of Isla Mujeres...
Snorkeling isn't one of my passions, although growing up in Hawaii I did a little ~
But I would take it up to see this installation of 400 life-size sculptures by artist Jason de Caires Taylor. I  imagine that the installation, which opened November 26, will succeed in bringing more tourists to the area...such a cool idea!
"The Silent Evolution"  took 18 months, 120 tons of cement and 1100 pounds of silicone, which were modeled after real people and then submerged.
I wonder how it would feel being down there with them ~ cool, or a bit creepy?

Your thoughts?

Slightly bizarre from this angle ~

I wonder what the fish think...if they think...


I like this guy...

This one is a tad creepy for me, too realistic...reminds me of Pompeii in a strange way, frozen in motion and time.

via la times, photos by jason de caires taylor and jorge silva

And to all of my dear friends that left such wondrous messages about friendship...
xox to you all!!!
Even if we haven't officially met yet !

I am off for a margarita :)



  1. What a fabulous treasure you have shared with us! Not being a swimmer , snorkeling for me has been looking through the bottom of a glass bottom boat... but this would something to experience ...xo HHL

  2. This is the coolest art I have EVER seen! Wow!

    I left something for you over at my blog:


  3. incredibile!
    so beautiful!
    Greetings from Transylvania!

  4. Somehow I missed this one. What a great exhibit! I love that second pic where you can see all of them below and the water on the top. The last one makes me think of the Titanic! Did you like Pompeii? One of my favorite places. Might have to do a post on that! Thanks for sharing this. I love hearing about art exhibits.
    Happy weekend!


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