Friday, January 28, 2011

The Cosmopolitan

Wow, what a day I had! The Cosmopolitan is all that it has promised and more. Just when you think that Las Vegas cannot top the last mega-resort, they do it. I am still in awe of City Center. But I  am really in love with The Cosmopolitan...much more of a boutique resort, very unique in it's shops and restaurants, it is smaller than I would have thought...but opulent beyond belief. I heard that it cost 4 billion, when compared to City Center, almost 3 times the size, that cost 8 billion ~ well, every single little detail is superb.
An  A+ rating from moi if you are planning a trip here and wanting to be removed from the hustle and bustle of the Strip circus.

These stunning flowers are at the entrance to Jean Philippe's  Patisserie  ( at Aria) where my girlfriend and I started the day with chocolate croissants and coffee...They are made entirely of chocolate! Absolutely exquisite ~  

One of his petit cakes, 6 inches tall... divine!

A sculpture at one of the entrances to Aria ~ We started our day here as we wanted to run into Assouline ...

You know it is good when the underground parking looks like this...Cosmo here we come!

My girlfriend had fabulous pictures that she took with her i phone, but I can't figure out how to get them on here :(
So you get my shots...

We took so many pictures!

A little settee to dial your concierge...

Oh! The Vesper Bar, named for the original Bond girl Vesper Lynd of "Casino Royale"
Pictures do not do it justice, it is stunning...

The Cosmopolitan's crown jewel...a three story chandelier, the largest in North America, is made of two million crystals ~ it has a different bar ensconced inside of it on all three levels.

Jose Andres' restaurant "China Poblano," a fusion of mexican and chinese cuisines. It looked even cooler inside.

Out of London, and LA, first time in Las Vegas...

My vote for the best window display ~

To die for! Hundreds of antique sewing machines ~ So incredible, and I love the shopping inside too!

Even the little sundry shops are boutique-y and filled with fabulous hard to find items...

The interior of "Skins 62", their first shop in the US. Love the mirrors on the wall...

Every little detail, like I said ~ Wow!
We had an incredible lunch at Scott Conant's D.O.C.G. enoteca ~

And that's the latest in Vegas!
My fun day came to an abrupt halt at 2:30 when I had to rush to school to pick up my boys and head home for homework etc etc etc...
I can't wait to go back, in the evening next time  ~

I hope you enjoyed my little tour, I wish you all a great weekend!


all photos by moi

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Prada to Nada

The title of this just kills me! I'll see it just for that ...
Speaking of Prada, I am spending the day tomorrow at the newest casino here, "The Cosmopolitan"...
It is quite the buzz here, all new restaurants and shops never before seen here in Vegas ( what a rarity...almost everyone is here...)
From pictures and what I have heard, I'm looking forward to it...
I'll have pictures to share on Friday ~

Enjoy your day,

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Love Is In The Air" Gift Guide

by Raceytay...available here

There have been so many treasuries on Etsy showing off some fabulous items for Valentines Day...which by the way is my all time favourite holiday next to Christmas!  I love having a special party for my girlfriends and all of the kids, where we treat and spoil each other to little indulgences that we may (or may not!) receive from the hubbies...
I am sharing some of my items on my want list here for you all to enjoy ~

Ol'Red by Simply Hue...available here

Sway With Me Raspberry High- Waisted Panties With Long Silk Ties 
by Toad Lillie available here

A Crowned Heart by French Sentiments
available here

Love Magnets by Rafya available here

U and Me by Cloth and Patina
available here

Couple Kissing on Bike by Papercuts by Joe
available here

Paris ~ The Red Balloon by Irene Suchoki
available here

Red Velvet Valentines Heart Whoopie Pies by Tickle My Tummy
available here

My Heart, My Soul by Zuppaartista
available here

Key To My Heart Necklace by Robinhood Couture
available here

Ruby Red and Plum Ruffle Capelet by Thread Rare
available here

You've Gotta Have Heart by Elle Moss
available here

Her Heart by Green Island Studios
available here

Scarlet Red Romantic Heart Brooch by ZipPinning
available here

Key To My Heart Cupcake Wrappers by Paper Scissors Cake
available here

Valentines Day Heart Soap Gift by Satin and Birch
available here

LOVE Cushion by Nesta Home
available here

Wishing you all a great week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

LA Art Show ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend, (how I wish I were!), and are a fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson's ( I am!), you must stop by the 16th annual LA Art Show, which is there through  Sunday. My mother was there yesterday, and was raving about the exhibit "Rarely/Unseen," a collection of 35 never before seen prints by Henri Cartier-Bresson. The collection was curated by Peter Fetterman, and if you miss it I believe you can still see some of the prints at his gallery in Santa Monica at Bergamont Station.
She had just seen his Documentary a few days previous, and apparently many of the prints in the documentary are at the Show.
This reminded me of what a huge fan I am. I went on You Tube, where there are several excerpts from the documentary that you can see...what an intriguing man!

henri cartier-bresson, natchez, mississippi 1947
peter fetterman gallery
this is one of the new prints

the master himself

a penny for your thoughts?

simply fabulous...

oh to be the belle of the ball...

the grande dame herself...

to be young and care-free again...

oh marilyn...

I hope you will be enjoying some relaxation this weekend!


all photos by henri cartier-bresson via google

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This little piggy brightened my day!

Francoise, the Toile Pink Piggy in Pearls by Middleburg ~

Isn't she delightful?

And this little piggy is going to market now...

xo Nathalie

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get my mail today... a package from Paris! In December I was so very lucky, to have won Carla Coulson's giveaway of her book Paris Tango, which was recently released in the US. It is everything and more than what I expected. It is one thing to look at her gorgeous photos online on her blog, Carla Loves Photography, but yet another to hold the book in your hand and see it in print ( I am a much more tactile person!)
What a beautiful addition to your library, a perfect gift for a lover of photography, romance, and Paris...
It's now available here.

Scenes from the backstage at the Haute Couture ~ Paris Tango

Moulin Rouge ~ Paris Tango

Place de la Concorde ~ Paris Tango

Ritz Hotel Paris ~ Paris Tango

December was my month...I also won the giveaway at Vicki Archer's blog French Essence of her recently released book "French Essence"...
Written by Vicki Archer, the photography here is also by Carla Coulson...
It is available here.

Giddy with glee I am at being the recipient of these great giveaways! I adore and admire both of their work immensely, and have a large and constantly growing library of books ( no Kindle for me!)  that welcome these additions ( although right now they are bedside and being devoured at any opportunity I get).

I also started off my day today in a wonderful son's school had  an assembly in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. The children recited quotes from some of his speeches, facts about his life...and we were fortunate to listen to some wonderful songs of prayer and worship by some immensely talented musician parents that perform in The Lion King...such goosebumps I had! Truly inspiring in many ways.

I hope your week is starting off just as well ~


All photos are by Carla Coulson from Paris Tango and French Essence