Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Happiness at Bellagio...

New Year's Eve is...tomorrow? Where on earth did 2011 go? Back in my maitre'd days, I would have had my outfit planned months in advance ~ tomorrow I will be choosing the most comfortable jammies to sit and indulge in king crab, caviar, and champagne...the food has taken precedence over the attire!
I trekked over to Bellagio yesterday on the Vegas Strip for some holiday was packed to the gills. Apparently Las Vegas is at 98% occupancy, not bad with our current economy! 
At Prada I fell in love....if I were "dressing", this is what I would be in ~

These I love my bling!


My poor boys youngest had fun trying on Prada shades and playing with the bear keychains ...


This mask would be fun for the right soiree... via Cirque du Soleil ~

Little black dress here I come...

The boys patience paid off with Nutella crepes at Jean- Phillippe ~ How wicked is this Grinch made entirely of chocolate and fondant?

A true Zen moment ~ Buddha and chocolate!

Bellagio's Conservatory always makes one feel the magic of Christmas...
the Polar bears are made entirely of white carnations.

This scarf by Hermes makes me happy too! I hope that you have been feeling the joy and the magic of the season...and, if you are heading out tomorrow night, that you have a fantastic evening ~

Speaking of Happy, I enjoyed this post about
12 Things Happy People Do Differently over at
Habitually HERE to read it and get inspired!

New Year !

may miracles abound unexpectedly for you in 2012,

xo, Nathalie

Monday, December 26, 2011

A White Christmas

We went up to the mountains Christmas Eve for some sledding and fun ( yes, we have snow in Las Vegas ~ at Mt. Charleston!). It was just gorgeous...I was so surprised that many places that typically have snow did not this year! I spent  a good portion of my youth in Hawaii, and Christmas never ever felt like Christmas in a bikini on the beach, the large Santa at Ala Moana shopping center the only indication that the holidays were happening. I hope that you had a wonderful day, and are out doing some "Boxing" today! I may venture out shortly, but then again I may just stay home by the fire with leftovers and relax...
Do you have snow where you are? Any fabulous plans for New Years' Eve?

xo, Nathalie

Thursday, December 22, 2011


photo at zoi shop

Definition of JOY

1a : the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires : delight b : the expression or exhibition of such emotion : gaiety

2: a state of happiness or felicity : bliss

3: a source or cause of delight

— joy·less \-ləs\ adjective

— joy·less·ly adverb

— joy·less·ness noun

mini burlap bags at vintage junky style

charm necklace by susan k jewelry

quote clothespins at quotes and notes

letterpress card at vandalia street press

wine charms by where the grass is green

ornament by a kiss on the chic

necklace by cobweb corner

Wishing you all the most joyous of days!


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last night we saw The MJ Immortal show by Cirque du Soleil, and it did not disappoint ~
On tour, if it comes to you I highly recommend it! Two hours of non stop entertainment of the highest caliber. It was the first time we took the boys to a Vegas show ...started at 10:30 pm, and ended at 12:30 am...home by 8 year old was amazed that he was awake for the transition from friday to saturday. Needless to say we all slept in today!

photos via google

If I were in Atlanta, I would be stopping by the Botanical Gardens...

 This years Christmas lighting uses LED lights (only 10 watts of energy), that cast over 16.7 different colour shades...


I hope your plans and shopping and wrapping are all in order, and that you are enjoying the remaining days in high spirit and joy ~

Click HERE for a short trailer on the Michael Jackson Immortal Show, and tour schedule...

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sugarplum Fairies...

photo via google

I spent the evening in a dream last night, with the ultimate girl time that I so needed! To celebrate my dear friend's birthday, we took advantage of Fandango's latest offering ~ being swept away to New York's Lincoln Center via your local theatre. I have seen many versions of the Nutcracker in many differnt places, but never George Balanchine's version with the New York City Ballet ~ Exquisitely stunning, the sets, the costumes, the dancers ~ the children! The scene here with the Sugarplum Fairies was just so beautiful, it tugged at your heart strings.
And HOW I needed to escape! I have been very busy (who isn't this time of year!), and just finished a very large Custom Order that has had me up to the wee hours for weeks...

50 of my eye pillows, with many different sayings and prose ~
They turned out beautifully, and I am so happy that they are boxed off and on their way!

How are your holidays coming along? Are you taking time out to do something magical? I sure needed last night...and look forward to seeing Romeo and Juliet with the Royal Ballet Encore in April.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Have Yourself a Sweet Weekend!

via pinterest

Ah, the holidays...a time to overindulge! For me, the sweets are my weakness ~
I used to love baking, and would make up baskets filled with sometimes 15 different kinds of goodies at Christmastime...BUT alas I do not have the time anymore ...
Here are some favourite places to order from if you, like me, are lacking in time, but want some gorgeous sweets to eat!

You can get a tin of these beauties from Kays Simply Homemade...

eggnog cupcakes with spiced rum frosting via pinterest

These delightful elves can be found at Lori's Place...

For sparkly snowflakes like this, visit Nanci Houlgate...

For these handsome devils, rush over to the Queen of Tarts Cakes...

If you have a Trader Joe's nearby.....This is what my pantry is FULL of! And the reason my pants are getting snug ~ they are SO delicious, we can't get enough of them in our house....

Mini vanilla snowman cookies at Crafted Cookies...

But homemade is homemade...and nothing can compare to that! What is your favourite indulgence this season? Do you have a favourite cookie, or cake, or fruit loaf ?

Have a wonderfully sweet weekend!

xo, Nathalie

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A New Cookbook in Town...

One of the best chefs that I have ever worked with, and friend from years gone by, has a new cookbook out that looks simply divine! Josiah Citrin, owner/chef of Melisse in Santa Monica, has finally brought some of his culinary know how to paper ~
Take a peek at it here...

How are your holidays coming along? My days are FULL...overflowing with work, and family ~
I am looking forward to the week before Christmas, when some of the insanity subsides!

xo, Nathalie

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ice and Lights...The Harbin International Festival

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, in China looks like quite the show ~
Since1985 the Northeastern city of Harbin has put on the festival, which is one of the 4 major ice and snow festivals in the world ( along with Japan's Sapporo Snow festival, Canada's Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway's Ski Festival).

The Festival starts January 5, 2012, and ends February 5 ~

I almost felt frozen solid last night at my younger son's playoff  game ~ Sitting for 3 hours in 40 degree temps with a hard cold wind blowing gets one a bit chilly! It was all worthwhile, they won by 1 point in the last seconds, and are off to the Championship Game next weekend... but I am going to have to invest in a portable heater for practice this week and the game...brrr!

We have been looking forward to decorating our tree, but as we started putting it up, we are realizing that our now 4 month old kitten Maxwell is going to present quite the problem... and the squirt bottle does not keep him away at all! I have beautiful annual Baccarat and Swarovski ornaments that I fear I will have to display addition to the crystal icicles, and Radko fact, our tree is going to be pretty bare! This little Prince thinks he can climb up into the tree and hang out ...and that is before there are any enticing balls to swat ~ Does anyone have any advice!?

I hope your days are jolly and full of cheer ~
xo, Nathalie

Harbin International Festival via google

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

En"Light"ened Art

via lost at e minor

LIFE photographer Gjon Mili captured these stunning photos of Picasso in 1949 ~
Using a flashlight as brush in a dark room, he created masterpieces that "poof"...
existed only for a second ~

Absolutely incredible, no?!

May your day be a creative one!

Salut and merci to Celia for the kind mention at High Heeled Life...again!

xo, Nathalie