Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tango, Anyone? As in Paris, Paris Tango

Am I ever on a winning streak! How LUCKY am I and filled with gratitude to have won Carla Coulson's giveaway of her book "Paris Tango"....
Anyone who is not a frequent admirer of her work must drop everything and visit her at
Carla Loves Photography
Right Now!

What a lovely breath of positive fresh air for me in what is seeming like an endless race to a Finish Line far off in the distance....but I do see it in the horizon and will be back to wish you all Merry and Joy and Light!



  1. Congratulations, just saw on Carla's blog that you won so came over to "check you out"

  2. Gosh Nathalie. You really should buy a lottery ticket or go play the slots. You have had a crazy lucky streak. Enjoy it while you can. I seem to have totally missed this one myself.


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