Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cross Country, Anyone?

J'adore the Tour Eiffel, and I have many a photo... but I have never seen one like this!
Il y a beaucoup de neige a' Paris!
How I would love to be there....
Still busy as a bee with holiday orders ~ I will be a regular again soon!

photo AP photo Francois Mori


  1. Hey, that's me!

    Just kidding. But it seems like it having ice-skated across the capital for the past couple of days.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  2. Wow!!! could you imagine??? ... great to hear things are going well with your boutique!!! xo HHL

  3. I wish that were me Nathalie. What a fun photo. Glad you are busy filling orders..yah! Hope all is super well with your family and everyone is excited for the holidays?

    Sending you lots of holiday cheer! xo

  4. Too funny! Wish I was there to see it! BTW, do you still do any sculpting?
    Hope you're having a fabulous week!
    Cheers, Kirsten

  5. Hope you're enjoying it all, Mrs. Clause. Have fun. Happy Holidays.

  6. HI Nathalie, thanks for your lovely comment on Paris. You have one a copy of Paris Tango!! If you can send me your address I will send you the book asap. Many thanks for entering and thanks for your lovely comment. Carla


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